Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sibling Love- July 2011

These kids are hilarious together. Or maybe Raya's hilarious and Kallen just puts up with it ;) But seriously, I got lucky with these two. One of the first things people ask, especially strangers, is "How is She with Him?" Or "Is She jealous?" Isn't it funny that strangers ask that? Anyways, Raya is still just wonderful to Kallen. She's never once been jealous or mean to him. Maybe because she's too young? Or maybe because she's obsessed with him :) Or maybe because she thinks its hilarious when she dances and walks over him simultaneously? Or because she loves that he laughs at everything she does. Who knows...but it works for both of them!

She's a cuddler...he's a cuddler...together they're buddies 

They take lots of their naps together. Nap time is always a photo opp

Just being sweet <3


Holding her toe while he's asleep

 This was when they both woke up at the same time. They were just laying in bed together. Holding hands. Raya was telling him about something...Yah, they're that sweet together.

The other morning I was in the kitchen and the kids were in the living room when Kallen started crying. Raya ran over to the table with the rest of his bottle, grabbed it and ran back to him and popped it in his mouth. Then sat there and held it for him. And the other morning he woke up crying and Raya was like "Baby? Baby? Baby? BABY! BABY! BABY!" At first she was making sure I knew he was up and then she thought I wasn't moving fast enough because he was crying and she clearly thought I needed to be up there the first time she notified me that he was awake. And because I didn't jump up that very seconded she sprinted up the stairs and into bed with him and started making him laugh. Oh and the making him laugh thing...I've gotten it a couple times on video. She's really good at making him laugh. Right now she's the only one that can consistently get him to laugh hard. Like his belly laugh. They're a good sibling match. Maybe its their signs. My brother and I are the same signs they are and we got along great too! Isn't that funny that we're the same signs? Except we're opposite: Bryce and Raya are Taurus'  and Kallen and I are Capricorns. So it'll be a little bit of a different dynamic...
Welllll....until next time :)

And last year at this time I was dressing Raya up and still pregnant. AND we were in the coldest July in the last 99 years! Crazy: Raya Recently, July 2010

Monday, July 25, 2011

Last Year at This Time...

So last July I had 14 posts for the month. That's like one every other day. It was a Big Month!!! Its crazy to think that last year at this time I found out I was having a boy, I had a 15month old, I made the Big Announcement that Raya was gonna be a Big Sis, we had our Gender, so much news for one month :) And a year later I have 2 healthy, happy babies. And I'm NOT pregnant. That's a great feeling. LOL. Over a 30 month period I was pregnant 18 of those months. I know women do that all the time, but still, its quite the experience. Needless to say, I'm glad to not be. I have enough best friends that are bringing beautiful babies into this world shortly and I am so excited to have new little nieces and nephews to gush over and then give back :)

Some posts from last July...

And then there were Two

Raya Recently- 14.5 months

It's A BOY!!!

In case you didn't have enough to read after the new ones I just posted ;)

Raya Recently

Nights are usually when I blog and clearly they've been jam packed. But my Raya bug has been keeping me on my toes and thoroughly entertained :) I still HATE that these kids grow, but at least Raya makes it exciting. I'm sure Kallen will too, but right now Raya is on a roll. The past 2 weeks we've doing swim lessons...I'll post pictures soon. And she's been staying awake longer, which is why I haven't really had time to blog. I'll do a "Sibling Love" post too. She's SUCH a sweet big sister. If this was what I was like when my brother and I were babies, Man, my brother was one lucky little baby ;)

Here's some of what Raya's been up to:

Another one of the amazing outfits from the kids boutique in Dallas
 She NEVER stops climbing. The fact that my 27month old half monkey child has not needed stitches makes me an amazing mom ;) (Or maybe Raya's skin/skull/bones are made out of some crazy substance...)

She loves to have her nails painted. When she gets to pick the becomes colorS.

This smile was RIGHT after she threw her entire sandwich on the floor. No joke, she asked me to make her one. I did. Put it on her plate and sat down. She chucked it off her tray and looked over at me and did this. Punk.

Raya!!! You are the greatest little girl. You are So. Much. Fun. Thank you for being my Raya Sunshine. You make my days brighter than they've ever been. I love you!!!

Kallen's 6month Photos

As if i don't have enough of him ;) lol. But seriously. These are ridiculous. I can't take it. Tara took them...We did them down the street from my house at Sunset Beach. THANKS TARA!!!!!!

Had to kick it off with some Razorback Attire. 


 The shoes are Vintage ;) They're MY first pair of Nikes! 

 I have this same picture of Raya at 6 months <3

Tara got our matching dimples :)

 Beach Bum

This was my favorite outfit. He looks so grown up. His shirt says Cali :)

Keeping Up With Kallen

This boy is the sweetest thing. I'm so obsessed with him :)
I think he's officially mobile. My life is over. Lol. I remember when Raya started crawling. Man, that was intense. Haha. He's not crawling yet, but he rolls and pushes and lunges and, if necessary, can get to something he really wants. So I guess that classifies as mobile, right? The second I lay him down he flips over. He sits really well and lunges forward for his toys-usually ending up on his stomach. He "talks" all the time. Oh and my favorite thing, he Hums himself to sleep. HAHA. It's soooo cute. I have to record it. But he literally hums, or moans or a combination of both until he falls asleep. I might have mentioned this before, but its just so stinkin cute. He's still such a cuddle bug. He really does hug me. He reminds me of those little clamp toys. The ones you squeeze and their arms and legs open and then you can clamp them onto an edge of some sorts. Yah, that's Kallen. He just latches onto me. If I knew boys were this sweet I would've wanted a bunch! Hehe. But for now I'm good ;) He's just perfect!

He's still an excellent sleeper. As you can tell...hehe

I love when he's feeding himself he pulls his feet up. It's so cute!

 And getting cuter by the day....

He's been eating great. I try to give him 2 meals a day of baby food. My doc told me to start with a tablespoon. I said, "Have you seen my son?!" lol. Needless to say he eats much more than a tablespoon. He eats almost the entire jar. So far he's had Mangos, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Apples, Bananas and Chicken. Oh and have you seen the commercial for the Baby Bullet? Do you know what the Bullet is? Its that food processor. Well they make one for baby food. I'm totally sold on it :) I feel a bit overwhelmed by life, but for some reason I want to add making my own baby food to my list of things. The baby food I'm currently giving him is surprisingly healthy with only 2 ingredients, so I'll probably stick to that, but still, those infomercial people are brilliant. Cause I can't stop thinking about it. HAHA.

 This is his new highchair. It's so cool. This would be our first, and only, baby item we really splurged on. I mean it wasn't ridiculous...I got in on sale for $175....but for a I could've spent a lot less on a decent one, but I just couldn't get over this one. Gentry's mom calls it a Space Chair. HAHA. She asked me if it lit up. LOL. Man, I wish it did. That would be SOOOO cool. I had big time buyers remorse, but after it sat in my dining room for a day I got over it and busted that thing open. I'm glad I got it :) Oh and its SUPER easy to clean.


G-Daddy's Visit

My Dad made a visit at the beginning of the month. It's always great to have him in town. And I love how Raya knows her Grandparents. No matter how long it goes between visits she always knows who they are and gets so excited to see them :) So sweet. I just wish we lived in driving distance from all the grandparents....When my Dad left Raya took a nap and when she woke up she kept asking, "Where'd he go? Where'd he go?" She did that all afternoon and the next day. Funny girl.

We pretty much just hung out. A typical Summer visit. A little beach, a little pool, a few dinner outings.

 She loves when Grandpa's in town :)

 At the street fair. Kallen PASSED out...and was pretty comfy in Uncle B's arms

Beach Day! I LOVE this picture of Kg

I was trying to get a very sweet picture of Raya and her Fav Uncle...but I unfortunately didn't pay attention to my surroundings. It looks like that lady's butt is eating her bathing suit. HAHA. Yum. LOL

 Raya was obsessed with Uncle B :) This was her sneaking up on him. She's clearly learning from Nana. Haha. 

 Got Him!

Happy Boy! Kallen's happy too ;)

Dinner at Alessa. Best Italian Restaurant! There's one open in downtown Huntington. Soooo good.
 Eating calamari with Tara

I have multiple pictures of them doing this. 

LOVE this outfit. Its from the kids boutique by my Dad's house in Dallas. That place has the most amazing things. Good thing its very far away from me :)

All of Us! Grandpa's last night.

His trip went by too fast! So great having you here, Dad! We love you!