Monday, July 25, 2011

Kallen's 6month Photos

As if i don't have enough of him ;) lol. But seriously. These are ridiculous. I can't take it. Tara took them...We did them down the street from my house at Sunset Beach. THANKS TARA!!!!!!

Had to kick it off with some Razorback Attire. 


 The shoes are Vintage ;) They're MY first pair of Nikes! 

 I have this same picture of Raya at 6 months <3

Tara got our matching dimples :)

 Beach Bum

This was my favorite outfit. He looks so grown up. His shirt says Cali :)


  1. Awwww, so cute! Love that last outfit too--he looks like a little shrunken grown man in his plaid button up! :-) Brielle has her pictures on Friday...hopefully she's as cooperative as Kallen was!

  2. OMG so adorable! love that last outfit too. They grow up so fast...Keira will be 8 months old on July 29th! I need to start getting ideas for her birthday! aahhhhh