Monday, July 26, 2010

It's a BOY!!!

The cake is cut and the game is ova! It was a perfect afternoon to find out about the perfect little BOY in my tummy ♥ I thought when I made the first cut I'd pull out the knife and see the frosting on it. Wrong. Then by the second cut I thought I'd be able to see the side of the slice. Wrong. So I had to wait until the slice was pulled out?! Wrong! When Gentry pulled the slice out I couldn't really tell what color the frosting was!!! The angle I was standing at gave me a perfect shadow...that with the light blue combination made me so confused! LOL. But that was all in like a split second. I could tell by the cheers and Gentry's smile that it was BLUE :)
Getting Ready! Such a cute cake

Thinking I was going to be able to see the frosting

Still thinking I'm about to see the frosting

Doesn't that look white to you too?!!??!

It's a BOY!!!

I can't take credit for this idea at all. I've had a couple girl friends do the "gender cake" and at the time I wasn't I KNEW as soon as the next one was on his or her way this was how we were going to find out :) Usually, on a normal 2d Ultrasound, you can't tell the baby's sex until at least week 18 or so. We went to a 3d ultrasound office when I was exactly 15 weeks and she was able to find out the sex. She said she was 99.9% sure what it was. We had her write down the results on a card that we then put it in a seal envelope. The next day my Mom's assistant faxed the letter to the bakery so they could know what color to make the frosting. 
If you'd like to see more pictures, here's the Link to the Full Picture Album


  1. "Gender cake." You crack me up sister.

  2. Congrats on your baby-boy-to-be. That's an adorable cake! Stop-ping by from Baby Center...