Monday, July 25, 2011

Keeping Up With Kallen

This boy is the sweetest thing. I'm so obsessed with him :)
I think he's officially mobile. My life is over. Lol. I remember when Raya started crawling. Man, that was intense. Haha. He's not crawling yet, but he rolls and pushes and lunges and, if necessary, can get to something he really wants. So I guess that classifies as mobile, right? The second I lay him down he flips over. He sits really well and lunges forward for his toys-usually ending up on his stomach. He "talks" all the time. Oh and my favorite thing, he Hums himself to sleep. HAHA. It's soooo cute. I have to record it. But he literally hums, or moans or a combination of both until he falls asleep. I might have mentioned this before, but its just so stinkin cute. He's still such a cuddle bug. He really does hug me. He reminds me of those little clamp toys. The ones you squeeze and their arms and legs open and then you can clamp them onto an edge of some sorts. Yah, that's Kallen. He just latches onto me. If I knew boys were this sweet I would've wanted a bunch! Hehe. But for now I'm good ;) He's just perfect!

He's still an excellent sleeper. As you can tell...hehe

I love when he's feeding himself he pulls his feet up. It's so cute!

 And getting cuter by the day....

He's been eating great. I try to give him 2 meals a day of baby food. My doc told me to start with a tablespoon. I said, "Have you seen my son?!" lol. Needless to say he eats much more than a tablespoon. He eats almost the entire jar. So far he's had Mangos, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Apples, Bananas and Chicken. Oh and have you seen the commercial for the Baby Bullet? Do you know what the Bullet is? Its that food processor. Well they make one for baby food. I'm totally sold on it :) I feel a bit overwhelmed by life, but for some reason I want to add making my own baby food to my list of things. The baby food I'm currently giving him is surprisingly healthy with only 2 ingredients, so I'll probably stick to that, but still, those infomercial people are brilliant. Cause I can't stop thinking about it. HAHA.

 This is his new highchair. It's so cool. This would be our first, and only, baby item we really splurged on. I mean it wasn't ridiculous...I got in on sale for $175....but for a I could've spent a lot less on a decent one, but I just couldn't get over this one. Gentry's mom calls it a Space Chair. HAHA. She asked me if it lit up. LOL. Man, I wish it did. That would be SOOOO cool. I had big time buyers remorse, but after it sat in my dining room for a day I got over it and busted that thing open. I'm glad I got it :) Oh and its SUPER easy to clean.


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