Friday, July 9, 2010

And Then There Were 2!

I feel like I've been waiting forever to let the world know Raya's gonna be a big sister! I found out about the middle of May and we told our family and some friends...I've just been so reluctant to make the "announcement" because of how un-pregnant I've felt. I've only had a couple days of morning sickness. Which, side note, is NOT in the morning. When I was pregnant with Raya the "morning" sickness was 24 hour sickness. I'm pretty sure a man named it morning sickness. Anyways...the only sickness I've had with this baby is maybe a couple nights and that was because I got hungry. So far, if I keep food in my stomach, I do pretty good. So all in all, very little nausea. I'm very thankful for that...well until I came across the stupid articles that say morning sickness means healthy babies. Uh! I did read plenty of responses to those articles from other mothers that experienced no sickness and had perfectly healthy babies, so that was good. But still. My doc has no concerns. I've had 3 ultrasounds, all of which were great. Strong heart beat, doin a little movin around. I think I'll feel better when I start feeling the baby move around. Honestly, I probably won't feel 100% until I see the little baby in real life :) But I am super excited. A little overwhelmed by the idea of 2. Raya is a handful. She's sooooo active- Like, she's only still if she's sleeping.  So we'll be a busy family for sure!!!

This is how we told our family. I put this shirt on under her jacket and then at dinner casually asked my mom to take her jacket off. My mom totally didn't even look. I could see Tara, my brother's girlfriend, eyeing her shirt...She's like "What does her shirt say" And I was like "I don't know, what does it say Mom?" My Mom is still totally oblivious and now confused. I just start laughing and eventually she reads the shirt. Pretty funny. When we got home from dinner we skyped with Raya's G-Pas in Dallas and Grandparents in Texarkana and held Raya up to the camera. Can I just say, Skyping is amazing!!! Its so great that Raya gets to see her Grandparents at the press of a button! And because she loves watching videos, its like she's watching videos of people that know her name! I'm sure she thinks she's famous :)
                           The shirt says "This Little Chick is Gonna Be A BIG SISTER"
Warm concrete, warm grass, warm chairs, if its warm she's gonna lay down :) Dax (our dog) is the same way

                                                  TWINS! They're too cute

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