Monday, December 19, 2011


I can't believe this is only my second post for December! Gotta do better :)
Last week we took Raya to Disneyland for the first time. It was the best day ever. Seriously! Going to Dland with a toddler is a whole different story. The whole "seeing it through a child's eye," yah that. It was amazing.

When we got there the "Big 5"-you know, Mickey, Mini, Donald, Pluto and Goofy- were all out and Raya got to meet them and take pictures. She LOVED seeing them. She's really into The Mickey Mouse club and knows all the characters. The day before Dland I asked if she wanted to go to "Mickey's House," which of course she did, so it was fun to have her wake up the next morning and tell me she was ready to go to Mickey's House.

The weather was perfect. It was sunny! A little chilly, but not bad at all. We got there about 10 and went to Fantasyland, which is where most of the kiddy rides are and all of the princess attractions. I was so excited to go on the Dumbo ride with her! But when we got to it she didn't want to go on it. At all. I begged her ;) So we made our way to A Small World. My all time favorite ride. It was pretty cool to have one of those "this is mama's favorite ride and now I can share it with my daughter" moments. She wasn't as moved as I was. But thankfully she wanted to go on it! Haha. So the first part she was fine. She was looking around and enjoying the boat ride. But about 2 minutes into she started crying a little. It was too loud for her. She really doesn't like loud things and it kinda freaked her out. Soooo, we only rode it once. Ahhhh, I couldn't help but laugh. Here I am so excited to take my daughter on this ride. This momentous moment at the Happiest Place on Earth and it all just freaked her out and made her cry. LOL! However, Kallen LOVED the ride.

Ok, but get this. So we go over to Toon Town and play around. There's a roller coaster there and as soon as Raya saw it she immediately wanted to go on it. WHAT?! Yes. I was sure she was too short to ride, but oh no, she was tall enough. I asked her if she wanted to go on it with Daddy and she said "YESSSS!" So we let her go. As my Mom and I waited for them we thought she's either going to be forever scarred or, because she's such a dare-devil, she's going to love it. Welllll, wouldn't you know, this daredevil LOVED it. So Small World makes her cry but a roller coaster is a-ok. Ah, my girl <3. After that ride we walked by the Matterhorn and she kept pointing at it and asking if we could go on that next. If you don't know Dland, the Matterhorn is one of the "scariest" and fastest rides, so she won't be going on that until she's at least 3 ;) I remember my cousin Alyson would go on some of the scariest rides when we were so little-and she always loved them. I'm guessing Raya's going to be just like her.

After a few rides we went to lunch and then got ready for the big Christmas Parade! Gentry and Kallen camped out and got us a good spot while Nana took Raya to the Disney store. Oh man, you definitely want to be with a grandparent when you visit Dland for the first time! Raya got all kinds of goodies :)

So we sit on the curb for an hour and as soon as the parade starts guess who has to go to the bathroom? Yep. Raya. Uhhhhh! So Gentry takes her and, well, it would be when she has to take the longest dump ever. LOL!!! She's going to be so mad at me some day for this. But seriously! I was freaking out because she was missing the best parade ever and Gentry's texting me that she's "kinda busy." HAHA. Luckily she finished in time to get back outside and see the whole parade. It was a really good parade too!!!

After the parade we waited around for Pluto. He was the only one we didn't get to meet in the morning, and of course the only one Raya kept asking to meet. He never came, so we went across to California Adventure land. Both kids fell asleep so my Mom stayed with them and Gentry and I got to go on a ride. After, we did dinner and headed home. I really wanted to go back to the park because it "snowed" when it was dark, but it was just too cold. I didn't bring their super warm jackets because when we parked it wasn't' that cold at all, so I left them in the car. We'll do it next time :)

This was Tower of Terror. You basically get in an elevator and it drops. Repeatedly. And then drops again and shoots you back up just to drop you again. Lord! 

It was such a fun day!!! Man, I"m so glad we went. And at Christmas time too! Disneyland is amazing during the holidays. And it wasn't even packed. It was just perfect! If you have little ones and you have the opportunity to take them to Disneyland, do it. But I'd probably wait until they're at least 2. Kallen wasn't nearly as impressed as Raya was.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Keeping Up with Kallen-- 11 Months!

Well big guy, you turned 11 months on Dec 3rd. WOWWWWWW! 11 freakin months. And you get cuter and cuter ;)

 You're walking like a pro. And actually you've started "running." One of your favorite games is when I jog after you and say "Hey! Where are you going?! Get over here!" You look back at me and then turn the other way and run and giggle. It is SO CUTE! Seriously. I love that game. You let out the best giggles and smiles. Uh. You kill me! And you've started climbing. Help me.

I don't know if you're teething or have a cold but you've had a runny nose for like 3 weeks. Its so annoying. Lol. I know it drives you crazy. It drives me crazy too. I don't see any new teeth coming in, so maybe its the others just coming down more? You have 8 teeth-top 4 and bottom 4. You still have baby breath, but every once in awhile I get a whiff of your morning breath and my heart breaks a little. Day by day you're turning into a toddler. I know I know, its what happens. And I so love watching you grow, but it still kills me ;)

You are really happy. You're still a pretty calm and cool baby. You love to cuddle. You give the best hugs and kisses. You don't really cry. Well, unless you hit your head. I'd cry too if I was you. You've taken some nasty falls. Luckily none of them have cracked your head open or really even left a bump. Your head might be made of steal ;) You really only fuss when you're hungry or just want to cuddle. I feel so lucky that I have such a cuddle bug. For as long as you live you can always sit in my lap and hug on me whenever your little heart desires.

You're quite the tank. You weigh about 25lbs and wear 18month clothes. You're in a size 5 shoe and very close to being in a 6- like probably by the end of the month. Your feet are Flintstones feet! They're so wide and thick. Finding shoes for you is so much work. Seriously, I had at least 10 pairs of shoes in size 0 to 5 that you couldn't wear. At all. None of them. Grrrrr. So I'm thinking you might spend the next few years of your life in crocs :) Or just socks. Lol.

You love your big sister. You've started trying to pull her down and tackle her. Haha! If she's sitting in your chair you crawl up on her and sit on her. You cuddle up to her when you guys nap. And you think she's one of the funniest people ever (next to me ;) She loves making you laugh and you love laughing at her!

You're still taking 3 naps a day. Sometimes if we're out and about you'll do fine with just 2, but you prefer 3 :) And you almost always catch a little cat nap in the car- even if you've had 3 naps. Lol. You LOVE your sleep. The last few weeks you've been waking up when Gentry's getting ready for work, which is way early for me. Haha. For awhile you were waking up at 7:30 or 8, but now its more like 6:45-7. You sleep through the night...well until 4:30. You WILL NOT give up your morning bottle. Seriously, you're clearly starving after your 8 hours of sleep. So around 4:30 you wake up for your bottle and then go back to sleep until about 7.

I've started you on milk. I think we're at 50% formula 50% milk. So far its going fine. You eat any and every time I give you food. My little snacker :) You love string cheese and cheese puffs. You've also been liking bananas and crackers. Oh, your favorite food is gold fishes. Except I have to bite the tails off of all the ones I give you because you still gag on them too much if I don't, so that's kinda annoying. Don't they have mini gold fish? I need to find those...

You say "Mama" and "Dadda" and wave Bye. You say "Mama" just about all day. Its sweet! I'm trying to teach you to give high fives or fist bumps. I can't remember how old Raya was when she started but it was around this time. You throw a ball great and you can walk behind a ball and kick it all the way down the hall way. Remember, No football! Ok? I mean I guess you can be a kicker, but that's it. Lets stick to something with less head basketball, or soccer, or water polo. I'm open :)

All in all you're a very easy baby. You're happy, cute and such a love bug.  I could sell babies like you for so much money. Hehe. You're turning into a bit of a flirt. And you're also bashful at times. You give the cutest bashful smile. And you also laugh out loud when you try and get someones attention. Or if we're all talking and laughing with Raya you start laughing too like "Hey guys, don't forget I'm over here!"

I love you sweet boy! Thank you for the being the best baby boy I could ever ask for. I can't believe you're almost 1!!! This has been the best year of my life. Thank you!