Monday, July 25, 2011

G-Daddy's Visit

My Dad made a visit at the beginning of the month. It's always great to have him in town. And I love how Raya knows her Grandparents. No matter how long it goes between visits she always knows who they are and gets so excited to see them :) So sweet. I just wish we lived in driving distance from all the grandparents....When my Dad left Raya took a nap and when she woke up she kept asking, "Where'd he go? Where'd he go?" She did that all afternoon and the next day. Funny girl.

We pretty much just hung out. A typical Summer visit. A little beach, a little pool, a few dinner outings.

 She loves when Grandpa's in town :)

 At the street fair. Kallen PASSED out...and was pretty comfy in Uncle B's arms

Beach Day! I LOVE this picture of Kg

I was trying to get a very sweet picture of Raya and her Fav Uncle...but I unfortunately didn't pay attention to my surroundings. It looks like that lady's butt is eating her bathing suit. HAHA. Yum. LOL

 Raya was obsessed with Uncle B :) This was her sneaking up on him. She's clearly learning from Nana. Haha. 

 Got Him!

Happy Boy! Kallen's happy too ;)

Dinner at Alessa. Best Italian Restaurant! There's one open in downtown Huntington. Soooo good.
 Eating calamari with Tara

I have multiple pictures of them doing this. 

LOVE this outfit. Its from the kids boutique by my Dad's house in Dallas. That place has the most amazing things. Good thing its very far away from me :)

All of Us! Grandpa's last night.

His trip went by too fast! So great having you here, Dad! We love you!

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