Saturday, July 31, 2010

Raya Recently

Raya had nothing to do with her birthday cake, so this was her first cake experience...which she clearly enjoyed :)

Pool Day!

She HATES things on her feet, including footy pajamas...but I found this in her box of 18 month clothes and she let me put them on her. They're so cute! We'll see if she every wears them again.

Can't wait for Dad to flip her!

Seeing if she can pull them off.

It's been so cold here! The news just said it's been the coldest July in the last 99 year! So she hardly gets to wear shorts :( But this was a cute little summer afternoon outfit ;)

She looks like a little English Bulldog

Monday, July 26, 2010

It's a BOY!!!

The cake is cut and the game is ova! It was a perfect afternoon to find out about the perfect little BOY in my tummy ♥ I thought when I made the first cut I'd pull out the knife and see the frosting on it. Wrong. Then by the second cut I thought I'd be able to see the side of the slice. Wrong. So I had to wait until the slice was pulled out?! Wrong! When Gentry pulled the slice out I couldn't really tell what color the frosting was!!! The angle I was standing at gave me a perfect shadow...that with the light blue combination made me so confused! LOL. But that was all in like a split second. I could tell by the cheers and Gentry's smile that it was BLUE :)
Getting Ready! Such a cute cake

Thinking I was going to be able to see the frosting

Still thinking I'm about to see the frosting

Doesn't that look white to you too?!!??!

It's a BOY!!!

I can't take credit for this idea at all. I've had a couple girl friends do the "gender cake" and at the time I wasn't I KNEW as soon as the next one was on his or her way this was how we were going to find out :) Usually, on a normal 2d Ultrasound, you can't tell the baby's sex until at least week 18 or so. We went to a 3d ultrasound office when I was exactly 15 weeks and she was able to find out the sex. She said she was 99.9% sure what it was. We had her write down the results on a card that we then put it in a seal envelope. The next day my Mom's assistant faxed the letter to the bakery so they could know what color to make the frosting. 
If you'd like to see more pictures, here's the Link to the Full Picture Album

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Who's Idea was THIS?!

So I thought I was going to find out the sex of baby #2 at my last doc appointment, but she told me she wouldn't be able to tell me for 4 more weeks. Um, Doc, I gotta party this Saturday, like in 5 days, I'm gonna need to know the sex! Thank god for 3D ultrasounds. I googled it and found a place close by that can do a "Gender Determination" ultrasound and guarantees they can tell you the sex as soon as 14 weeks. By this point I was exactly 15 weeks, so I scheduled my appointment for Tuesday. The ultrasound was great. The girl that did it was super sweet. She spent about 20 minutes with me and I was able to watch the baby move and shake and wave their little hands and kick their little feet. Sweet little 2 ounce baby :) I was watching her facial expressions on and off to try and see if I could tell when she was looking at "the goods" But she was good. Probably a poker player at night. When it was all over Gentry and I had a brief 30 seconds when we were like "Should we have her tell us now, I can't wait." Lucky for us this Poker playing Ultrasound techy was also a tough one! Hahahah! She just walked outta the room like "Too late guys, I'm gone and I'm sealing the information." So we wait for her to print off all the ultrasound pictures and Gentry goes "I feel like I saw girl parts" And I'm like "What!? Cause I totally thought I saw a little penis." I'm pretty sure what I saw was the umbilical cord because, lets me honest, could a 2 ounce baby really have enough of a penis that I, who's not an ultrasound tech and only knows what I'm looking at every one in awhile, really be able to clearly identify that? This is where Gentry would add his comment about "Well I mean his Daddy IS Black." Anyways, we took all our goodies from the session and headed to the park to let Raya RUN.
Now the plan is to pass the sealed envelope to my mom who will take it to the bakery and get our very own "Gender Cake" made. The only people that will know the results will be the baker(s). On Saturday, at my Brother's Going Away Bar-B-Q, we'll cut the cake and the middle layer of frosting will either be pink or blue!!! Exciting right?! Yah I thought so at first. Now I'm just annoyed. Who's idea was it to get an ultrasound on Tuesday for a party on Saturday?!! UH. Yah, it was totally my idea. But still. Now I think its a stupid idea :)

Why Are You So FAST?!

We went for a walk today. There's an elementary/pre-school down the street and Raya LOVES to go watch all the kids playing. It's a good activity for her because we end up taking a pretty long walk and there's lots to look at so she's ready for some down time by the time we get home. Today was the first day she introduced me to her newest game: "Run as fast as I can AWAY from Mom" It's a super fun game when its hot and your pregnant. Oh and even more fun when you realize your Almost 15 month old is FAST. What the heck? Like I actually have to RUN after her. OMG! So today's walk turned into sprint training for me, which, did I mention is really fun when its hot and your pregnant. Then, when I get home and upload the pictures from our walk I forget everything :) This kid is lucky she's so cute!
Starting our walk....looking so sweet and innocent

She waves at every plane

Momma look, big kids!

SWEETEST little girl

I'm fast AND I can hide in small places. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Out with the Girls

We had a Girls Afternoon...Me, Raya and Nana. Went to lunch and then did a little shopping. Oh and a mini modeling session. 
Too Cool

Zoolander Pose

Turning at the end of the runway

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Raya Recently

Raya has a Grill! :) She didn't ever really use a pacifier, but this one was a gift from my friend Megan, and Raya found it in her she played with it all afternoon. These are too funny!

It's been HOT here! And by hot I mean about 85 with no humidity. I know right? I've become such a baby since I've moved to the beach. This week was the first week we turned the A/C on since last summer. Soooo, we've spent a lot of time in the backyard either in a baby pool or playing with the hose water. Raya doesn't mind the heat at all (as you can see above.) Well except at night. If that kid is hot she's not going to sleep. I don't blame her. It's suppose to be a little cooler this week, so we'll see what we can get into!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Daddy Went Shopping

A couple of weeks ago I asked Gentry to stop by TJ Maxx and get Raya an outfit for the Sparks game. No, I don't get her an outfit for every outing, but their team colors were purple and yellow and she had nothing in either color. Anyways....he comes home with 4 outfits for her, none of which are purple or yellow, but all of which are ADORABLE. He's never gone shopping for Raya, ya know, just him, no one to consult with (and by no one I mean me ;) I was so impressed! This little Puma dress is one of the things he brought home. Its SO CUTE!

I couldn't get a really good picture of it, but if you watch the video you can see it from all angles :)
This her getting soooo excited about being at the park.

Raya Recently

So a couple of mornings ago Raya was playing in the living room and I was cleaning up in the kitchen. I could hear her pushing toys around and knew she was watching cartoons so I had a good 10 minutes to clean up the kitchen. About 2 minutes later it got very quiet, which just about always means she's doing something she shouldn't. I looked in the living room and didn't see her. I walked into the living room and still didn't see her. All the doors are shut, so she couldn't go anywhere...where is she?! A slight panic came over me, I started calling her name, nothing. I walked to the front door and turned around and guess who I found tucked into her toys.

Another Capricorn is coming!

Saw my doctor Monday. Told her about the whole "big baby, they wanna change my due date, couldn't do any testing" ordeal. She was pretty mad. Mad because since I was positive about my dates (like when I got pregnant) it just meant the baby was big and you don't change a due date for that reason. Also mad because she'd never had this happen before and was pretty sure the ultrasound tech at that office took it upon herself to make some decisions she wasn't in the place to make, soooooo, Official Due Date is Jan 11, 2011- another Capricorn! Raya is the same sign as my brother and this one is most likely going to be the same sign as me. Hopefully that means they'll get along like Bryce and I did. And that they'll be as cool as us ;) So I'm just at 14 weeks, in my second trimester, and tired as all get out. I'm still considering this a smooth pregnancy cause I haven't really been sick, but Mama is tired!

I'm very thankful for the times she slows down and takes a load off :) Last night we were calling her to come in the room to go to bed and when she didn't come Gentry looked out and found her in the chair. Probably catching up on The Hills.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Raya Recently

Had a relaxing, simple weekend. Not much to report...just come cute pictures of a cute baby :)
LOVE this one :)

                                                               outfit from Aunt Jenn

                            When you have a kid...this is what you do on Saturday nights.
                                                             Sunday Stroll

Friday, July 9, 2010

Can I get a Due Date?

At my first doctor appt they gave me the Due Date of Jan. 11, 2011. I LOVED this DD (due date) because it was 1/11/11. I have no idea why I like fun number combinations...but I this one was a keeper. A couple weeks later I got my first ultrasound and I swear the tech told me the baby was measuring just right to keep that DD. Whatever was in that report made my nurse change the DD to Jan. 15th. So based on that I was scheduled for my genetic testing ultrasound to be done on July 6th when I was 12 weeks along. At my July 6th appt the baby was measuring MUCH bigger and they moved my DD up 2 weeks to Jan. 1! And I was told I was closer to 15 weeks along. 1-I was super mad because that meant I couldn't get the genetic testing done because I was too far along. I have my monthly appt with my Doc Monday, so I'll have more answers then...but right now I'm blaming the nurse for not putting in the right info. 2-I felt so much better that I was farther along because looking at me I am CLEARLY pregnant. 3-Loved that the new DD was 1/1/11!!! Who knows what it will be as of Monday, but if its only off by a day or so I'm keeping the 1/1/11 :)
Nice profile shot! I'm convinced it's a boy because of how different this pregnancy is. I should know by the end of this month!!!

Me at what I thought was 12 weeks but was actually 14.5 weeks. Still got a pretty big baby bump for 14 weeks but all the Been There Done That Moms told me they were the same way and that they "popped" way earlier with their 2nd baby.
Finally, I'd like to thank Raya for taking a 2 hour nap and letting me catch up on some blogging...I'll try and post some videos of her tonight!