Monday, November 11, 2013

Zoom in on Zayne- 8 months

8 months was a busy month! It started out pretty uneventful, but the last week you were on fire! Lol. You haven't been super active like your sister and brother. Well, maybe thats not the correct way to describe it. But Raya and Kallen were pretty mobile by 8months and you were pretty content with watching the world around you. The weekend before we left for our Beach Week you were stationary for the most part. You did the whole get on your hands and knees thing, but were no where near crawling. In the week we were at the beach you totally started crawling and 7 days later were a professional crawler and pulling yourself up on all kinds of things! It was just like you made up your mind and that was that! In fact the weekend we got home I could stand you against the wall and you would stand up without holding onto anything for a few seconds. Crazy how that happens!

You also got your very first tooth! Your bottom left front tooth. And the right tooth was pretty close behind, but the 2nd one didn't break through until a week or 2 after you turned 9months. You had an easy time with your first tooth, however you stopped nursing this month and I feel like a little bit of that was tied to your tooth coming you.

I started you on formula this month and you're totally cool with it! In fact I think you might be a little extra happy cause you get a full 8oz. The first few bottles you chugged. OMG! Was I starving you?! If I was I couldn't tell by your moods, but you either loved the formula or were hungry. Lol!! I also uped your meals, so you're eating quite a lot now. 2-3 full meals with snacks and bottles in between. You can really eat for a little guy!

You're still sleeping great. I think about 50% or maybe 75% of the time you wake up around 4-6am for a bottle. You've been waking up at 6am on the dot every morning, so thats rough on me ;) But I feel like the other 2 did that every few months or so and then settled into a later wakeup time when they realized what they were missing out on (sleeping in!) So hopefully you'll do that too! You take 3 naps a day: morning, noon and early evening. And generally go to bed by 8pm.

Size wise you're in 6-9month clothes. A size 2-3shoe. Size 4 diapers. I think you probably weight 18 or 19 lbs. I have no idea how long you are.

You had your first audition this month! It was for an Avril Lavigne music video. It actually ended up being an audition for me. Hahahahah. It was hilarious. I'll copy and paste my Facebook status to explain. But it was definitely an experience and makes for a pretty funny "first audition" story! Hopefully you'll get more auditions this fall!

You still continue to be an even tempered, happy go lucky, roll with the punches, kinda baby! I soooooo enjoy my days with you. You bring so much light and love to my life. I got lucky with you kiddo!!! I love you so much!


Zoom in on Zayne- 7months

*So I'm all updated on his monthly postings, I just have to get pictures put in each one! Hoping I can do that before he turns 1 on Wednesday!!! Anyways, heres month 7:

 Hey Buddy!!

Well sir, you're tottering towards being totally mobil. Help me. Lol! You're not crawling, or really even close, lol. But you're sitting up and rocking forward. You're also pretty good at rolling now, so that gets you to where you want to be if you're close enough. Basically you can get from point A to point B if absolutely necessary and if its in a "rolling body" radius. You also kinda do this sitting turn, basically rolling while sitting, haha. So yah, you're making your moves!

You're growing really well and livin the good life! Eating good, sleeping good, playing good. You like to eat! You are ready for lots of snacking throughout the day. I feel like you're at about 2 meals a day and then the puffs or yogurt bites. And of course nursing like 5-6times a day. You don't have any teeth yet, so you don't have a ton of food options to choose from, but everything I've given you at this point you've eatin up! You currently like everything, so keeping my fingers crossed you'll be more like your sister when it comes to eating cause your brother is ridiculously picky.

Not a lot has changed since 6 months...
You experienced your first 4th of July. We went to the parade in the morning. You watched some of it sitting in your car and then napped through the rest of it. You didn't make it to fireworks, but you saw some sparklers early in the day that you seemed to like.

You are still really easy going and happy. You're are starting to explore the world around you, or at least pay attention to it more. Toys are really interesting to you, and you can ride in the stroller or your push car and are content just taking in the scenery. Please ask what kind of baby you are and I always say, "He basically just sleeps and smiles!" Which pretty much sums you up :)

You are an absolute joy. I so enjoy watching you take in the world around you and discovering new things. I love watching you watch your sister and brother. I love cuddling with you and kissing your sweet face. Thanks for being a little ball of love!!!
I love you!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Zoom in on Zayne- 6months

Happy Half Birthday!! Can you believe you're a Half Year Old?! Cause I can't.

You turned 6 months May 13th, 2012. You're definitely getting stronger and more independent. You're working on sitting unassisted. By the time we got to the end of the month you could sit long enough to have some super cute 6month photos taken, which is the important stuff ;) lol

I gave you some first bites of food! We started with sweet potatoes. You weren't really into it. I think it was the texture that you weren't too fond of. You couldn't really figure out what to do with it once it was in your mouth, so you pushed almost all of every bite back out. We'll try again later! You're still nursing and that seems to do you just fine!

You're loving all the new toys you can play with now that you're a bit stronger and more coordinated. I can keep you pretty busy with a handful of "new" toys. Its fun to watch you discover new things and watch your little brain work.

6month Stats: You weigh 17pounds and are 25inches long. That's exactly what Raya was at this age, well she wasn't quite 17lbs, but close enough. You're in size 6month and 9month clothes. Size 3 diapers and size 2-3shoes. You're my "normal" sized baby. lol!! Raya was so long and Kallen was so ginormous, so I'm thinking maybe you'll take after my side of the family :) I'm sure that will be annoying when you're 13! So I'll keep my fingers crossed that you at least get your Daddy's height.

You are still my happy, sweet baby. I swear you go days without crying. You rolled over the day before you turned 7months. And your new thing is blowing raspberries with your tongue. You totally copy me too! When I blow raspberries you'll do it at the same time. Its hilarious. I could video tape that over and over and it will never get old.

Speaking of which I got super carried away with pictures this month. The cuter you get the more I take. And the cuter it gets to take sibling pictures. You and your brother and sister will have pictures and videos for days. You're welcome :) Consider your lives a documentary. Cause that's basically what I've got going on for the 3 of you. Haha!!

Thanks for being the best baby ever. Gah. I'm so obsessed with you. I could dote on you All. Day. Long. You get more and more handsome by the day and continue to be one of the most joyous presents I've ever been around. I love you sweet boy!!

Zoom in on Zayne- 5 months old

Hey sweet boy!
Welllll, you're still just as amazing as when you were born. You are just a dreamy little boy. You are so happy, so sweet, so content! I often stop what I'm doing because your smile is irresistible. Seriously, you smile at me and I just have to come over to you! And then we hang out :) And chat. You coo a lot. And tell me all about your day. I love laying with you or holding you and watching you do your thang. You are such a joy and I am so very thankful I get to be your Mama!!

Whats new with you...
You rolled over! From your tummy to your back. You love to chew on my fingers. Everything goes in your mouth. I think its a combination of the age you're at and possibly teething. I don't see or feel any teeth, but you drool and chew on everything. And to be perfectly honest, that's totally the phase you're at, so who really knows if you're teething. You're not fussy at all, so you're not in any pain. Raya and Kallen both had an easy time when their teeth came in so I'm hoping you'll have an easy time too!

You sleep well. You're not really on a sleep schedule yet. During the day I let you play and sleep whenever you feel like it. When you're tired you fall asleep easily. And you take pretty long naps too! Sometimes I forget I have 3 kids! I'm talking like 3 to 5 hour naps. You go to bed around 7 and sleep until your brother wakes you up around 6 or 7 the next morning. You wake up once or twice to nurse but its a simple thing. I put the pack-n-play next to the bed so you go between that and our bed throughout the night. Bottom line we both wake up refreshed so that's all I care about! And you LOVE when I snuggle up to your face with mine. I can almost guarantee, if you're tired and I put my face against yours that's all you need to fall asleep. Its one of life's most perfect moments.

You're still nursing like a champ. You seem to be growing steadily. I had to take you to the doc cause Raya gave you your first cold, which you didn't even fuss about. Seriously dude, You. Are. Amazing! And side note, I would be totally ok with that fact that you were fussy while you were sick, I expect it, but the only reason I knew you were sick was because of your symptoms. You had a cough, stuffy nose, mild fever and the 2nd or 3rd day you broke out in hives and got them on and off for about 2 days. But you're all good now. I think you were sick for about 7-8 days. Tough guy! But at that doc appt you weighed 16 pounds. You're in 3-6month clothes and size 3 diapers.

Things you love...
You love to cuddle. And listen to your Daddy. When he comes home from work you do all you can to see where he is when you hear is voice. You love hanging with me :) (likewise) You love to sleep, eat and play. You LOVE your big sister. She cracks you up. Shes so good with you and is the first person to really make you laugh hard, like that non-stop cracking up laugh. Its so cute. One of your fav things is when she fake coughs. You think its hilarious. You 2 also laugh alot when you're in the car. You can see her when you're in your car seat and she makes you laugh and coo and helps you when you drop your pacifier. You're also much better in the car. There was a few weeks that you hated it. After about 30mins you were over it and pissed, but as of now you're good to go! I think now that you have toys and things to do you stay entertained and don't mind being strapped down. You love to chew on things, especially my fingers. You love kisses and love giving them. This month you've started grabbing my face and attacking me with kisses. Its the BEST!

This month you went on your first trip! The day you turned 5 months we flew to Dallas. You slept the whole flight. And we went on a 10 day trip that included 3 long roadtrips (well 3hours, 5hours and 6 hours) and then a flight back home and you were great on all of them! You got to meet your Grandma and Papa in Texarkana and we also got to hang out at Gdaddys in Dallas.  You even visited your Mom and Dad's Alma Mater! Yep, we took you on your first college visit to the University of Arkansas. It
was a GREAT trip!! I'll have to do a whole separate post on that.

I so enjoy watching you grow. You seem to have a pretty easy going temperament. You roll with the punches and are just happy to go along! I know I'm beyond lucky. And I'm also beyond thankful that I get to be your Mommy!! I love you baby boy!