Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sibling Love- July 2011

These kids are hilarious together. Or maybe Raya's hilarious and Kallen just puts up with it ;) But seriously, I got lucky with these two. One of the first things people ask, especially strangers, is "How is She with Him?" Or "Is She jealous?" Isn't it funny that strangers ask that? Anyways, Raya is still just wonderful to Kallen. She's never once been jealous or mean to him. Maybe because she's too young? Or maybe because she's obsessed with him :) Or maybe because she thinks its hilarious when she dances and walks over him simultaneously? Or because she loves that he laughs at everything she does. Who knows...but it works for both of them!

She's a cuddler...he's a cuddler...together they're buddies 

They take lots of their naps together. Nap time is always a photo opp

Just being sweet <3


Holding her toe while he's asleep

 This was when they both woke up at the same time. They were just laying in bed together. Holding hands. Raya was telling him about something...Yah, they're that sweet together.

The other morning I was in the kitchen and the kids were in the living room when Kallen started crying. Raya ran over to the table with the rest of his bottle, grabbed it and ran back to him and popped it in his mouth. Then sat there and held it for him. And the other morning he woke up crying and Raya was like "Baby? Baby? Baby? BABY! BABY! BABY!" At first she was making sure I knew he was up and then she thought I wasn't moving fast enough because he was crying and she clearly thought I needed to be up there the first time she notified me that he was awake. And because I didn't jump up that very seconded she sprinted up the stairs and into bed with him and started making him laugh. Oh and the making him laugh thing...I've gotten it a couple times on video. She's really good at making him laugh. Right now she's the only one that can consistently get him to laugh hard. Like his belly laugh. They're a good sibling match. Maybe its their signs. My brother and I are the same signs they are and we got along great too! Isn't that funny that we're the same signs? Except we're opposite: Bryce and Raya are Taurus'  and Kallen and I are Capricorns. So it'll be a little bit of a different dynamic...
Welllll....until next time :)

And last year at this time I was dressing Raya up and still pregnant. AND we were in the coldest July in the last 99 years! Crazy: Raya Recently, July 2010

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  1. they are so cute together. Kaylee makes Keira laugh too, and when Keira laughs Kaylee thinks its the greatest thing and continues to do it like a hundred more times. I love that they take naps together