Friday, April 20, 2012

Party of 5

"No F*$%ing way" was the first thing out of my mouth. And then I ran down the stairs. Its funny because at the top of the stairs I was kinda smirking...but by the time I got to the last 2 I was in tears. I was sure in that moment I had ruined my life and my kid's lives and we were never going to be able to go out to eat again. LOL!! Because apparently going out to eat is just as important to me as raising happy, healthy kids ;) Anyways, I'll cut out all that went on those next 2 weeks, but I can sum it up with: Lots of Crying. And for so many reasons. Having kids 20months apart is a lot of work. So the idea of having 3 kids each 20 months apart scared the shit out of me. I'm a bit overwhelmed with life right now so this news probably threw me over the edge. Well not really, but it did lift me up and dangle me over the edge ;) I was really sad that I was changing the dynamic of my family. We're an even number, even sexes, the dynamic is perfect! Gentry and I can each manhandle a child, when necessary. The middle seat in our car is open for that 1 lone person that wants to ride with us. And I've always seen myself as a Mom of Two. So add all that to the fact that I'm not the most flexible person in the world, oh and I hate change, especially to my life plan, and multiply it by pregnancy hormones and you've got One CRAZY Lady!! During that time though some very special things happened. I've never really needed to lean on people like I did during that time. And honestly, I had no idea I was even leaning on them, but my girlfriends were absolutely amazing. I was constantly getting texts, or notes, or calls, or having conversations at the park. They were just "checking" on me. No one was telling me what I should do or giving me any advice, just simply letting me know they loved me and were there for me. It was really apparent how lucky I was to have such amazing woman in my life. I am one lucky girl and I have absolutely amazing girlfriends!! Its funny how people rally around you when you don't know they are and then you look back and realize it. Its a special thing! And I thank you all so much!

Ok. So of course my Doctor has the most jam packed schedule ever and it took 2 full weeks before she could see me. They were going to make me wait 4 but I told the girl that answers the phones, "I'm on the pill and theres NO WAY I should be pregnant. Please!" Lol. Yes, that's another awesome part of this story. I'm def on the pill and religious about it. Which also meant that all my girlfriends on the pill that don't want anything to do with babies are freaking the eff out. HAHAHA. Don't worry girls. Its like less that a 1% chance, and I feel like since you know someone that is officially that 1% you're in the clear ;)
The same day I went to see my Doc I also saw a Psychic! It was great :) My best friend's Mom mentioned that she saw one when her 1st baby was little and it was a great experience. Just to hear her say "Its all gonna be ok." Seeing the psychic was awesome. Except at the end when she told me she saw me having TWO MORE KIDS. And she thought she saw TWINS!!!! OMG. Yep, there I go again. Off the deep end. Bahahaha. And of course my doc had to tell me that my Hcg levels were high, which can mean twins. And did you know getting pregnant on the pill increases your chances of having twins? So I had to wait ANOTHER 4 weeks to confirm there was only 1. That was intense, to say the least.

So Thursday was my 11week appt. She's 90% sure there's only 1 baby. When we go in the next 2 weeks they'll be able to confirm 100% theres only one. Baby looks great. In the ultrasound pic baby's hand is up and totally looks like its waving. Or probably saying "What's up?!" I haven't been sick at all. Like maybe 15 seconds of nausea, but it was because I was hungry. The last 8 weeks I've been starving. And exhausted. At 10am I'm ready for a nap. This week I've felt pretty good. Probably the best so far. Still get pretty tired pretty fast, but not eating everything I see and sometimes actually feel energized. I'm guessing its another boy. I just can't believe I could be having another girl and no morning sickness. Doc said she'll be able to tell me the sex in 6 weeks! That's exciting :)

And yesterday I posted our announcement picture and got the sweetest feedback. More likes and comments than I imagined it would get. And I'm so pumped now!!!! For the first time I'm really excited. All the excitement of the people that made comments is pretty contagious, so I thank you all for the super sweet words! Especially those that said I looked cute ;) hehe. Cause the 1st trimester is the total "fat phase" and every time I get dressed I wish I could just put on a shirt that says "I'm not Fat, I'm pregnant."  I saw a newborn the other day and got so excited thinking about what this baby is going to look like!

So that's whats been going on the last few weeks! Its crazy how you can pee on a stick and your life changes just like that! I'm gonna be a Mom of 3. OMG!!! Oh yah, and I'm due 11.10.12! And as always, we ended up with a couple cute ones so I'm sharing my favs. The top one is the actual one I used to announce this baby on Facebook.

On that note....have a good weekend!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bye Bye P-Fi

Ok, so part of the reason I blog is to record milestones in my babies' lives. I'm like half way done with Raya's baby book and haven't even started Kallen's (poor second borns). So hopefully when I finally get around to finishing them I'll be able to check here and see what happened when!

With that said, Raya had a milestone she should be very proud of. She totally gave up her pacifier! Cold turkey. And completely by herself. She went to bed without it 2 nights in a row and on Day 3 found one on the floor, put it in her mouth and then chucked it across the room (literally) and told me, "Mama, its not working." That was pretty much it. About a week later in the car she asked for it once, but other than that it was the easiest thing ever! And I so wish I was here telling you about the most brilliant idea I had about how to get her to stop, but it was all her. She's brilliant, obviously :)

And I think part of me also wanted to write this for my friends with new babies or babies on the way. When your kid is a "pacifier kid" so many people have so much to say about it and guess what, ITS NOT A BIG DEAL! For the most part I was pretty lucky to not have people badgering me about letting my almost 3 year old still use one or always asking when I was going to take it away from her. I still got it a little here and there, but there were always other Mom's at the park so worried about it with their kid. Yes, I was a little worried too. Raya was SOOOO attached to her "P-fi" and I imagined the withdrawals she'd have when I decided to take it away would be similar to those of a crack addict coming down from a high and realizing there was no more. Yah, it was that serious. Her pacifier was a true soother for her. She's so amped up all the time and as soon as she popped it in her mouth she would chill out. So she needed it just as much as I needed her to need it ;) But I wasn't worried she'd go to Kindergarten with it and for the most part it didn't bug me that she used it. It was the outsiders that it bugged. LOL! So, just a little PSA to my friends out there...Its really not a big deal if your kid uses one, and I PROMISE, they will eventually give it up. So if you're dreading taking it away, don't! Let them decide when they're over it. We started giving her "times" she could have it- like nap time and bed time- but that wasn't set in stone and there were plenty of times she was playing in the backyard with it in her mouth. She's a totally happy, independent, well adjusted little girl, so if a pacifier was one of the "worst" things I had to deal with with her I considered myself incredibly lucky (and a pretty good Mom :)

 Oh, I almost forgot. She also stopped twisting her hair! She's twisted it so badly that the left side of her head is substantially thinner and shorter than the other side. I was sure she'd have a huge bald spot in a few months, but when she gave up her pacifier she gave that up too!

So Good Job Ms. Raya! I didn't imagine you'd start your 3rd year of life without your trusty P-Fi, but you did! You're awesome girlfriend!

A little history (you don't have to read this, but I want to remember it :)
Raya didn't use a pacifier until she was 14months old. She found one in a drawer somewhere and started using it. It was a blessing to me because at that point she'd use it and fall asleep by herself. So I was totally on board. It made nap time and bed time sooooo much easier. As she got older it became quite the "soother" and if she was fussy or tired or throwing a tantrum she'd be completely ok once she found her pacifier. It was also the only thing she was attached to. Like REALLY attached to. To the point that we would stop at a store and get one if we forgot it at the house because we didn't want to feel the "Wrath of Raya" when she figured out we didn't have one. In the last few months she got really particular about them. She'd sometimes bite it and if her teeth made the teeniest hole or slightest crack in it she'd refuse to use. So we kept a "secret" stash of new ones for emergency purposes because if it was bedtime and there wasn't one to her liking, none of us would be sleeping. HAHAHA!! I know, some of you think I'm crazy, but I pick my battles people. And if keeping fresh pacifiers stocked meant a good nights sleep and a happy kid, then I'm stocking up! If only they sold those suckers at Costco....
So yah, thats the P-Fi story! I hope some parent or grandparent out there will sleep a little easier tonight knowing the Pacifier Battle isn't one to be worried about :)

This was her at 14months with the pacifier she found- and used for awhile. LOL! Its a "Grill" my friend Megan gave me at my baby shower. Hilarious!!! Can you image pulling up next to me at the grocery store and Raya siting in the cart with this. It was a tiny bit embarrassing :)

PS- Stay tuned for a HUGE announcement coming in the next 24 hours!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Raya's 3rd Birthday Party

Hi Blog Friends :) I have no good excuse for my hiatus. Blame it on my DVR and my nail obsession. All my free time has been jacked by them. But hopefully I'm back! Lets jump right into this...

Raya's 3rd Birthday Party was this weekend. It was great! A month or two ago I asked if she wanted a Mini Mouse Party or a Hello Kitty Party and she told me she wanted a Princess Party. OK!!! Princess party it is! I think this was her first party that actually had kids at it. Lol. Its fun that she has friends now and lets me know who she wants there. Luckily they were all able to make it this year. We rented a Princess bounce house, and honestly, that's all the party needed! Seriously, if you're having a party with kids rent a bounce house.
Of course I had fun getting all kinds of princess decorations. And I made the cutest Princess cupcakes (yes, I was very proud of them ;). The weather was pretty perfect and Raya really had a blast. Can't believe my Baby is almost 3! (Her actual birthday is April 22nd.)

Thanks so much to everyone that was able to come out Saturday!!! Raya scored big time in the present department: Princess dolls, princess books, a whole princess goodie bag, bathing suit, the Pretty Pretty Princess game, a huge thing of play dough, this swirly drawing thing (that's the high-tech version of the one I had when i was little and loved!), a mermaid dress, a bike!, walkie-talkies, a kit to make her own princess wand. She's been busy that last few days!

Here's some of the fun pictures from the party. I didn't get a single "Family" one. Dang it! Or really any of Raya with anyone else but me. Lol. I PROMISE I didn't plan that. But I did purposely coordinate my outfit with her so at least we look cute together ;) Here's the link to her Party album on my Facebook page if you want to see all 150 pictures. hehe.

Her seeing the bounce house. I have it on video. Its too cute! I'll share it soon.

The bounce house matched the party perfectly!

Ok, so I frosted the cupcakes with bright pink and purple frosting and within about 10 minutes of sitting in the sun the frosting faded to light pink and light blue. So weird! 

Are these not the coolest?!?! A friend of mine made rainbow cupcakes earlier in the week, that's where I got the idea. They're super easy to make and so fun!

The Gang!

Cutest picture with Aunt Lois. This is Raya's Great-Great-Great Aunt.

 Happy to report we had NO injuries! Not a single bloody nose even when everyone was jumping together!

Kallen got to the party before Raya. This was him telling me about the bounce house :)

She's quite the dramatic present opener. So fun!

My Girl 

 Of course we had matching nails :)

The Birthday Outfit

My girlies!

 A real Princess wears 2 crowns

She passed out before we even pulled out of Nana's driveway. 

 The day after: Learning to ride her bike in her mermaid dress

Happy to report I really missed blogging. Good to be back :) Hopefully I can bust out a 15month post for Kallen this week. And I'm about to post about one of Raya's greatest accomplishments to date! Stay tuned!

And I'll end it with this: