Monday, July 11, 2011

4th of July!

It was hot here! Like 85! Lol. A perfect 4th of July :) In the morning we went down to the Huntington Beach Parade- which is the biggest parade west of the Mississippi. It was our first time going to the parade and we had no idea what to expect. We surprisingly didn't have to park 7 miles away and found a pretty good spot to sit. The thing I didn't think about was being in the beating down sun with my son. So we only stayed for about the first of the 2 hours of the parade. But it wasn't hard to leave...The atmosphere was so fun, but the actual parade was pretty boring. There weren't any floats or fun bands. Just a bunch of people from the city. It was cool to see the Veterans and some of the Men and Women currently serving our country. Except at one point a group of what I thought were junior high kids marched by and when I read their banner I saw they were actually a group of kids that had just enrolled in the Army. Man they looked young! Too young :( The COOLEST part were all the Flyovers. There was a couple helicopters that flew over a couple times really low to the ground and then the fighter jets did like 4 fly-overs. Those were awesome! When we first got seated Raya was kinda freaked out by all the people. She kept telling me "Bye, Bye. Home. Bye, Bye. Home" and pointed to our "house." But as soon as the parade started and she was up on Gentry's shoulders she loved it. Loved it so much she had a bit of a melt down when we left. But nothing a coke Slurpee couldn't fix! Ps- Today is 7.11. Free Slurpees at 7-11 today!

Off to the Parade!

 Love this boy!!! He's such a Mama's boy <3

 This was the only picture I got of the 4 of us. But I kinda like it :)

 Never in her entire life has Raya fallen asleep in a stroller. 
Kallen, however, will sleep just about anywhere.

We weren't going to go watch fireworks because it was late and we had a long day, but at the last minute I felt too unpatriotic and decided we WERE going to watch them. So we drove over to my Mom's to park. She lives about 3 blocks from the beach so we can park in her driveway and walk down. Raya was overwhelmed by the crowd again, and because she was also tired, the fireworks weren't going to change her mind. So my Mom and Raya walked back home and watched them on Tv. We stayed and watched the show...which was a bit uneventful :( But everyone fell asleep on the drive home so bed time was easy! The fireworks really freaked Raya out this year. Last year she loved them. This year she wanted nothing to do with them. And where we watch them from you can only see them, you can't hear them at all. But when we'd see one in the sky and point to it she'd turn her head away and squeeze her eyes closed. So....yah! She wasn't havin it. But she looked cute! (Which is all the really matters, right? ;)

 We have a TON of glow sticks, so the 2 of them got all lit up before our walk.

 It gets cold at the beach at night, so we had to switch to our "Evening 4th of July outfits."

And last year at this time it was, well, the 4th of July ;) --> 4th of July all Weekend

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