Saturday, June 30, 2012

21 week Bumpdate!

Had the Big Ultrasound yesterday. Everything looked great. And HE is DEFINITELY a He :) He's just under a pound and about the length of a carrot (according to my BabyCenter updates). Initially the whole family was going to the ultrasound, but neither kid took a nap before it was my appt time, and the thought of being confined to a small room with them while trying to pay attention to the ultrasound sounded like Gentry stayed home with them and I had a nice little break. I LOVE ultrasounds!!! I could watch them all day long. He totally looks like a baby now too, so its adorable seeing him. The tech got really great profile shots of him. He had his hands up a lot. Half the time one hand was up on his forehead. I saw him open and close his mouth, put his hands up to his mouth, do a lot of kicking and squirming. Too cute!! There's something about his profile that makes me think he'll look like Raya. I feel like he has Raya's nose. I know, what can you really tell from an ultrasound picture? Not much, but there's something that reminds me of Raya...

Hand up on his face. Look at those arm muscles! 


 Thats his thumb right by his mouth. Attempting to put it in his mouth?

DEFINITELY a BOY (arrow pointing at boy parts)

 His mouth is open in this one. Look at those little lips! I love how well you can see his mouth and chin and nose. So cute

He's measuring just a bit over his "Due Date Size" so I'm pretty sure my Doc will adjust my weeks, which is great! I've been so confused with my due date being the 10th and my weeks not matching. Anyways, I'm all on track now. So as of yesterday I'm 21 weeks~ and the Due Date is 11.10.12. I feel him move a little more now. When I sit down to take a break I'll feel a couple kicks or body rolls. When the tech was doing the ultrasound she had the wand thing way up on my belly. I had no idea he was so high up already. Every once in awhile I'd feel what felt like a kick, but I thought it was too high up to be him. I was wrong. When he stretches out he's all over.

21 Weeks!! 

Kisses <3

I was talking with my friend Stephanie yesterday who's also pregnant. She's due Aug 15th with a baby girl! I mentioned feeling so tired already. I really feel like I'm 31 weeks, not 21 weeks, and she said between the heat and being 33 weeks she's exhausted. The heat! Duh! I hadn't even factored that in. I feel a little bit better about wearing out so easily. I definitely have to factor in lots of breaks throughout the day. Its a bit frustrating because Kallen and Raya were just getting to the point where I could actually get a few big things done a day and now I'm back to square one. Whateves. Sometimes it drives me crazy having all these uncompleted projects around, but most of the time I'm like "Whatever, come in my home, there's piles everywhere, I don't care." LOL. So if you come to my house know that I have piles of papers waiting to be filed, or piles of clothes to go through and give away, etc. Deal with it ;) Steph, I can't believe the things you get done at your house! You're amazing :) And I can't believe its practically July! One more month and then its Addison's month!! Omg.

Newest Member to be added to the fridge magnets

Ps- Blog friends, are you having issues with the spell check? When I'm done writing I always hit the little ABC button with the green check and it highlights all the misspelled words and lets me click on them and get the correct spelling, but it doesn't highlight anymore. Anyone else having this problem?? So once again, I apologize for the misspellings :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer School

Last Tuesday was Raya's first day of Summer School! It was her first day of any kind of school. She'll start Preschool in the fall at an elementary school down by the beach and I'm so glad we got her into this summer program before hand! Its through the Huntington Beach Rec Program and the teachers are very sweet. Ms. Raya LOVES it. She's been asking for months to go to school so when the day finally came she was pumped! School is on Tuesdays and Thursdays form 9-12. From the schedule they gave me the first hour is free play, the 2nd hour is sit-down time, story/song time and snack time and the last hour is outside play.

When I picked her up the first thing out of her mouth was "Wow Mama, that was fun! Can I do it again?" When I was signing her out one of her teachers told me Raya got 2 stickers because "she really turned things around." Hmmmm. I didn't ask questions (I was in line to sign Raya out and there were lots of parents waiting to talk to her) And she also didn't feel the need to explain anymore, so I chalked it up to being an "adjusting to school" thing. Day 2 when I picked her up she was crying because she didn't get a sticker...and this time the teacher had a chat with me :) Let me start by saying Raya is doing great. She's loving every minute of her time at school and always asks to go back. She's also never done anything like this, i.e.: school, having a teacher, transitioning to new activities when the teacher tells her to, etc. Ms. Monica explained that Raya was having a tough time with "sit-down time" and when they were sitting down reading Raya was up dancing and rolling around and then when it was "dance time" Raya was off at the other end of the room doing her own thing, hence the "didn't get a sticker" part. Her teacher wasn't concerned, just wanted me to know this was why Raya was upset. And it all made complete sense to me. Raya is incredibly active and is in a room with a TON of different toys, games, craft tables, etc. I totally get why she has a hard time sitting down for story time. We are also working on listening on a daily basis (or hourly ;) Everything I've read says the whole listening thing is part of being 3years old. And my 3year old parent group on BabyCenter is loaded with posts about other parents struggling with the same thing. I don't think Raya is a bad listener at all. She's made a ton of progress since she first starting "doing her own thing" (not listening ;) Its on-going with her. Some days are AMAZING. And some days she's lucky I don't beat kids. I kid ;) But seriously, she has tough days and it makes it even tougher that I'm pregnant and can't drink. HAHAHA!  3 is wayyyyy harder than 2. LOL!!! I wasn't at all scarred by the Terrible Twos. Raya never really went through that. But 3 is another story. I remember a few other Moms mentioning 3 is so much harder than 2, and I'm officially on that team. So needless to say, her teachers have joined in on the "fun" and hopefully by the time preschool starts in the Fall we'll have made some progress.

Day 2


When I picked her up today (Day 3) she was crying again about not getting a sticker. All weekend I talked to her about listening to her teachers, sitting down for story time, doing what the other kids were doing, etc. And every time she told me "Ok." or "Right, Mama." She understood what I was saying and I really thought today would be a bit different, but it wasn't :) She did do a teeny bit better. Her teacher felt so bad that she couldn't give her a sticker, but I totally understand and really appreciate her patience. Today she told me Raya would run from her. That's annoying. I know she's testing her teacher....but its still a bit frustrating. She never runs from me, but I'm also working with her constantly and she knows better at this point. She definitely ran from me a few months ago, so it took me working with her (and taking things away, or timeout, etc) I just hope its not like this the whole summer! Its only Day 3, so I'm very hopeful. But I'm not gonna lie, I've already started brainstorming the "Thank-you"presents I'm going to give her teachers on the last day. LOL!! And even while crying and walking back to the car, without a sticker, she still asked to go back "tomorrow." That's all the matters to me :)

She also started swim lessons this week. They're every night for 2 weeks. They're with an actual instructor this year (meaning I don't have to get in!). Her instructor, James, is great. She loves being in the pool and cried when class was over. She did spend a lot of her waiting time letting go of the edge and tippy-toeing around the edge. This was not what she was suppose to be a doing, but she got a kick out of the fact that she could touch the bottom. She also likes to go underwater. She actually thinks its pretty hilarious. The lifeguard does not think its funny. At all. Lol. She was very sweet with Raya and incredibly patient. But she too worked hard for her money last night. I feel like all the teachers Raya will have this year will need a Thank You gift ;) There are only 3 kids in her class. Well actually 4, but girl #4 refused to get in the water. So its almost like private lesson. And one of the other Moms is super fun to sit with, so its a win-win! The main concern is keeping Raya holding onto the edge when James is helping another kid. Ohhhh, my sweet little 3yr old!

Ps- my spell check was not working so sorry about the misspelled words :)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Gentry's Bday, Father's Day & 20 weeks!

It was Gentry's birthday on the 7th and Father's Day last weekend. We went to our favorite gourmet burger place: Slater's 50/50 for his birthday dinner and it was surprisingly enjoyable! Lol. All my family was out of town, so we didn't have baby sitters, which would've been choice #1 ;) but I packed good coloring books and Kallen was content with the iPad, so we actually got to eat our food! Slowly! And taste it! It was fun!!

We made cupcakes and decorated the sidewalk. 

Me attempting to get a belly shoot and also catching the birthday boy 
snacking on his cupcakes before dinner. Lol

 My FAVORITE picture of Raya right now!!

 This picture cracks me up. I told Raya to take a picture of us and this is what we got :) She held the camera up and said "OK! Say Cheese!!" She's so well trained.

 LOVE this picture. Such a good lookin family <3


It was actually warm this weekend! Its been super gloomy here (June Gloom) and hasn't gotten warmer than 65-70, but it was sunny and 75-80! So we got to go swimming. I asked these 2 to watch cartoons while I got ready for the pool and came back to this. They're such cuddle bugs :)

How Father's Day ended

This was Father's Day last year, Still one of my all time favorite pictures:


And I'm officially half way through this pregnancy. 20 weeks! Yah Baby! 

I should have my "big" ultrasound in the next week or so. I actually should've had it this week but it didn't occur to me until this afternoon and of course that was when my docs office was closed. Oppsies. At my last doc appt my Dr did an ultrasound. She's been doing a ton this time around. Just because she can :) Which I LOVE! And she lets Raya help. Its so sweet. Raya knows she gets to go with me to the baby doctor. Gentry usually gets to come home and he'll stay with Kallen and Raya and I will go. When we leave she'll say "Ok, just us are going. Kallen, you stay with Daddy. We're going to the baby doc." Anyways, this time around she wanted to check the gender and asked me if the last ultrasound tech got a good shoot of the "goods" because she couldn't at all and was wondering if it was a girl!!?? Omg. My heart seriously dropped. I try not to think about it much, because the last tech got what seemed to be the money shot  of this little boy's goods, and because I will be SO SAD if its not a boy! Isn't that crazy?! I was so set on wanting a girl. And then so sad when I found out boy, but now I'm so so so excited to be having another boy and will be so disappointed if the gender changes. Soooooo, I'd still say its 90% (or more) boy. As soon as I get my big ultrasound done I'll let y'all know. But cross your fingers we're still on team blue!

Waiting for my Doctor

HAHAHA!!! Doctor Raya

 Helping with the ultrasound! 

I'm still feeling pretty good. I get tried fast! I have enough energy for 1 "big project" a day. Lol. And usually that's a 40minute walk and an hour at the park. The stroller (with 2 kids) is 80lbs and I'm really starting to get tired pushing that bad boy. Omg. I feel him move now! I didn't really feel anything until I was 19weeks. The same day I really knew it was him I was feeling was the same day I actually felt him kick from the outside too! And Gentry could feel him :) So now at night I can lay down and feel him kick my hand a little before I go to sleep. That's my FAVORITE part of being pregnant. Uhhhh, I'm getting so excited!!!! Definitely feel huge this time around, but whatever. I'm making a baby. As long as I keep the weight gain under 40lbs I'm fine! Hehe. I can't wait until Raya starts feeling him. I'm sure she could feel him now, but when he's bigger it'll be WAY better! She always talking about how she's going to hold the baby, and pat the baby and make the baby laugh. She was made to be a big sister :) If these next 20 weeks go as fast as these last 20 went this babes gonna be here in like 5 minutes! 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We're having a....

Raya will tell you :) Watch the video:

And I will admit, I pouted the first day (or week ;) only because I'm such a "Girl's Mom" and have WAY more cute clothes and shoes to pass down to another baby girl. But I'm over it and super excited about the dynamics that a boy will add to this family. I love that it will just be Me and Raya as the girls. I can picture us doing BFF things like girl's trips and shopping. Which I could totally do with another girl, but I'm ok that it will be just us :) And I love that the boys will be close in age. I'm already planning a "Boys Room" with bunk beds when they'll like 3 and 5. How cute will that be!? And for the most part they'll be the same seasons in clothes so a lot of what I have for Kallen will work for Baby Boy 2. I didn't think about if I had another girl she'd be 3.5 years younger than Raya, so I love the fact that I'll have boys that are less then 2 years apart. That seems like such a good combination of ages and genders! Now I can't stop thinking about what this little boy is going to look like! When I was pregnant with Kallen I wasn't that obsessed because it was a boy, so I knew he'd look different than Raya, but now that I already have a boy its crazy to think of the possibilities with this next one. Will he look like Kallen? Will he be blond like Raya? Will I have another monster baby? ;) Exciting!!! I just ask that he comes in 3 hours like his brother did. Best. Labor. Ever. LOL!

Totally Calling the Hogs!!!

 He's currently measuring a week big, which was just like Kallen, but you still never know they're actually size until they're here! Other than being tired I feel pretty good. Haven't had an ounce of morning sickness. I get tried pretty fast, but at least I'm not ready for a nap at 10am anymore. The first trimester was intense. I was SO sleepy tired. But now I feel pretty good. Definitely have more energy, or at least don't feel the need to nap every other hour. I'm trying to walk as much as I can but I feel so out of shape. Omg. Granted I'm pushing a stroller that weighs 80lbs with the kids in it, but I just can't picture myself 7 or 8 months pregnant pushing that bad boy. We'll see.....
Now to find a NAME!!!

Totally showing early, just like with Kallen. 
I think I'm like 14 weeks or so in this picture. 

Kallen napping with his brother :)
I'm 16weeks and Kallens 16months!

This time around my doctor is measuring me differently....they don't change my Due Date, but they count my weeks based on how the baby is measuring. So based on that I'm just about 19 weeks. That would give me a Nov 3rd due date, but they keep it at Nov 11th. So sometime in the beginning of November he should be here! 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Raya is 3

April 22, 2012
My 3 year old!! OMG. Hard to believe it, which is a phrase I say all too much, but its the truth. Its amazing how in 3 years you go from a brand new little ball of jelly to a strong, fast, chatty little girl! You are an absolute joy and I say it all the time because its the truth, I couldn't have asked for a better little girl to call my daughter. Lucky doesn't even begin to describe it. There's really no words, but I'll try ;)

You absolutely keep me on my toes. You are very strong willed and dare I say stubborn? But its not in a bratty way at all. I for sure have to deal with you differently than with Kallen, but you're also older and smarter so you know what you're doing. And you know what you are capable of. You are HILARIOUS and you know it. You say one liners sometimes that make me cry from laughing. Omg. I can't thank you enough for the daily entertainment you provide. You are constantly saying and doing the funniest things. I wish we had a reality show so that you were recorded 24/7! I could re-play you all day long ;)

You are a sweet soul. You have the kindest personality. You are so caring and sweet, especially to Kallen. I can hardly wait to see you with the new baby because you're a little older so you really get that you're a Big Sister. You love your friends and always ask to see them. You say Hi to everyone at the park. In fact you would prefer to greet everyone with a big hug, but we've had to work on not doing that because not all kids are comfortable with that ;) As soon as you get to the park you give everyone big Hi's, introduce yourself, occasionally introduce me as "Kelsey" and also introduce your brother. You ask your new friends their names and if they'd like to play.

Some Stats:
You're in mostly 4T clothes. You're really lean, so you can fit anywhere from 2T-4T leggings. They just turn into capri leggings if they're 2T. At your 3 year check up you were 40inches tall and weighed 36lbs. You're in the 95percentile for height and the 50percentile for weight. Obviously you're very tall. You're not abnormally tall, lol, but you are taller than just about everyone your age. You're the same size as most 4 year olds and just about as tall as half the 5 year olds we're around. You wear a size 9 shoe.

You've become a pretty good swimmer all by yourself! You willingly hold your breath and go under water. We start swim lessons at the end of the month. I'm excited to see what you learn there! You are pretty fearless in the water and will jump off the edge, even if I'm not close (scary!).

You are a wonderful Big Sister. Like I said earlier, you are so sweet and caring. When Kallen wakes up from his naps and is fussing you say "Wait, hold on a minute, I gotta check on the baby," and run upstairs to see him. You cuddle him and hug him. He wakes up before you and when you come downstairs he usually stops what he's doing and waits at the bottom of the stairs with his arms wide open to hug you. You always smile and say "Hi Baby!" and hug him back. You play really well with him and rarely get frustrated. You never hit him or do anything mean. Seriously, you're that good. I think there's a push here or there, but nothing I can really remember. Ok, well one time when he was like 2 months old you stepped on his face, but it wasn't a vicious move. It was more of a curiosity move. I could see in your face you wanted to know what would happen if you stepped on him. So I don't count that ;) Its the most beautiful thing seeing you 2 together. I just love the relationship you 2 have! You sit by each other on the couch when you guys watch tv and you still nap together often. He actually naps a lot better when you nap with him. You help him figure things out and show him what specific toys do, or how the iPad works, or how to shoot a basketball. You get the award for Best Big Sister!! 

Things you love:
Swimming, Disneyland, Going to the Park, Going to the Beach, really anything that involves being outside! What else...ICE CREAM! Your favorite flavor is cookies and cream and you always ask me for ice cream. You love wrestling with your Dad and you love having him throw and swing you; Cuddling with me and playing with my hair; Laying on legs, my belly, my arms, any open skin you love to lay on. You also do this with Daddy and Nana. You love to ride your bike; Sleep in bed with us (you're such a cuddler.) You love to help me, whatever it may be, and your favorite thing to help with is washing the dishes.

You are such a joy of a kid. You are so fun to be around and you absolutely light up every room you're in. Your presence cannot be ignored. You are the highlight of my life and I just can't believe I get to call you mine! I love you more than I'll ever be able to explain. You are my best friend, my side kick, my heart.