Sunday, July 10, 2011

Keeping Up With Kallen---6 Months Old!!!

You're 6 MONTHS old (well on July 3rd)!!! A half of a YEAR. Geeeezzzze kid. That was fast. Its absolutely amazing how much a little being can change and grow in 6 months. And I know the next 6 months are going to be so fun and just as fast :( Tear. You are my little love bug. You really could sit in my back pocket all day long. Life with you is pure sweetness. This month you've gotten really good at sitting. You make all kinds of nosies. When you fall asleep you hum or groan or sing. Its so funny. Its like a kitten purring mixed with an old man groaning.

You've also started really laughing. Like a for real chuckle, not the machine gun hum thing you do. You are a very happy kid and at this point you're very content and easy going.

I've tried baby food and you got the hang of it Very quickly. Duh. You love baby food. And so far I've tried bananas, sweet potatoes, apple sauce, and carrots and you ate all of them. After your food you'll usually drink a 5oz bottle. I need to feed you more rice cereal. It just looks so gross. And smells gross. But I know its good for you. Sorry in advance for feeding it to you, but it'll make you grow big and strong and make you really smart ;)

You're just now entering the "mobile" phase. My life is over. Lol. Kidding. But at this point you just hang out. You sit and watch life and you can't get away from me. You just want to cuddle and snuggle. Its such a great phase. Before I know it you're going to be crawling and getting in to evvvvvverything. So feel free to hang out and sit still for however long your little heart desires. When you're ready to crawl, I'm ready for you to crawl, but I promise I won't push you to do anything you don't want to do :)

Lets your 6month check up you weighed 19lbs 12oz and you were 28inches long. That put you in the 75 percentile for height and weight. You're still a tank and wear size 9month clothes and a lot of your 12month clothes. I'm not positive about your shoe size because I never put any on you, but I'm guessing you're a 3. I have a pair of size 2 sandals that squeezed your feet like little sausages...

Physically, you're sitting really well. I sit you up and you play with your toys for a good little while. You can hold your bottle if I prop it just right. So between those 2 newest tricks we've got a pretty good morning routine worked out which makes us all happy.

I've taken you swimming a few times and you seem to really like it. You kick your legs and splash half the time and the other half you totally relax and let me walk around in the water with you. Afterwards you eat and take a nap. Pretty much instantly. lol

This is your newest face. Its SO FUNNY! You kinda snort when you do it too. Man, it makes me laugh every time. You look like a little baby dinosaur. 

And you'll still sleep just about anywhere. Ah, such a nice age!

I love you Kallen Gentry! I couldn't have asked for a sweeter kid. Thanks for always wanting to snuggle. Promise me, even when you're bigger then me, you'll still cuddle with me :) I love you baby boy!!!
Xoxo, Mom

And last year at this time I was hanging out with my sidekick, Raya. And I was pregnant, but no one knew it yet! Well I did :) But we hadn't made The Big Annoncement yet: By Land or By Sea

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  1. happy 6 months. he is to cute!
    At Keira's 6 month appt she weighed 18lbs 10oz & was 28" too. He looks so much bigger than her