Monday, July 25, 2011

Raya Recently

Nights are usually when I blog and clearly they've been jam packed. But my Raya bug has been keeping me on my toes and thoroughly entertained :) I still HATE that these kids grow, but at least Raya makes it exciting. I'm sure Kallen will too, but right now Raya is on a roll. The past 2 weeks we've doing swim lessons...I'll post pictures soon. And she's been staying awake longer, which is why I haven't really had time to blog. I'll do a "Sibling Love" post too. She's SUCH a sweet big sister. If this was what I was like when my brother and I were babies, Man, my brother was one lucky little baby ;)

Here's some of what Raya's been up to:

Another one of the amazing outfits from the kids boutique in Dallas
 She NEVER stops climbing. The fact that my 27month old half monkey child has not needed stitches makes me an amazing mom ;) (Or maybe Raya's skin/skull/bones are made out of some crazy substance...)

She loves to have her nails painted. When she gets to pick the becomes colorS.

This smile was RIGHT after she threw her entire sandwich on the floor. No joke, she asked me to make her one. I did. Put it on her plate and sat down. She chucked it off her tray and looked over at me and did this. Punk.

Raya!!! You are the greatest little girl. You are So. Much. Fun. Thank you for being my Raya Sunshine. You make my days brighter than they've ever been. I love you!!!


  1. That little romper is adorable! Yes, we got a lot of Raya's stuff for next year at the local outlet mall. We hit osh kosh, carters, and children's place and got a ton of things all for under $3! We also hit the mall and Crazy 8 had some good sales going on too :-)

    My Raya does that same thing too...she'll ask for a snack and then when I give it to her she'll tantrum or throw it on the floor b/c apparently I got it all wrong LOL. It's definitely hard being a SAHM but totally worth it too! The house will always be a little dirty, but oh well :-)


  2. Raya is adorable. Love the matching painted toes, so cute! Kaylee loves to have her toes painted too.

  3. I love that you call her Raya sunshine... just makes me smile xoxo