Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Raya Recently

Girls are so much more fun to dress :) Lets start with this shirt from my Mom:

It's her Raya Rainbow shirt. Its pretty dang cute. When my mom got it it looked huge! We actually talked about ordering another one in a smaller size because it'd be forever until she fit into this one. And then 6 months later its perfect!
Her name on her sleeve
The back "Love, Nana 2010"

Just a cute one of her and Gentry when he got home from work.

Such a Cheeser

I LOVE these shoes!!! I would've bought them in a couple sizes, but this was the only pair and they were in her size. Can you say Fate? 

I love that Gentry's shoes/feet are in the background. I didn't even plan that. I found these skinny jeans that bunch at the ankles when I found the shoes...all at Ross for so cheap :) God I love a good sale!
I've never been a Hello Kitty fan, but now that I have a daughter I think it's so cute!!! 

This is a 6-12 month dress that still fits, but prob too short to be a dress, so it was a shirt today!

So grown.

Sunday afternoon at Nana & Grandma's

Yep...Nana's teaching her just like she taught me :) Oh and guess who made Raya's flower girl dress for the wedding she's in..yep, my Dad. This is my life :) So glad Raya gets to experience it!

Ahhh, she's so fun to dress up :) I know I only have a little longer until she refuses to wear what I pick out. Oh man, that's gonna hurt! So until she does, I will take full advantage of this super fun time!


  1. Love the shoes and skinny jeans!!! My Raya is jealous hehe


  2. LOVE the shoes and the skinny jeans too. My friend's husband was dressing their son last week and Emily was downstairs and could hear her son yelling at her husband because the clothes he picked out didn't match. I think if you prime them young enough, she will probably pick it up on her own. :)

  3. The monkey paci is called a "wubbanub" and there are TONS of different ones. I ordered mine for Brielle on Amazon :-)