Monday, March 21, 2011

First Sick Weekend :(

So Raya has NEVER been sick. Seriously. One time she threw up cause she ate something that didn't agree with her stomach, but was laughing while she was throwing up. And when I had bronchitis she had a little mini cough. She'd cough for like 5 minutes every morning for about a week, but that was it. So these weekend we all got it. Bad :( Well, minus Gentry. But I don't think he's in the clear quite yet. With all the coughing and snot in the house this weekend I will be SO surprised if he misses all the nasty germs. I hope it does!
I learned that Raya is one of those kids that, even when she's super sick, she still wants to Go Go Go. She's going to be the one I have to actually tell to lay down and rest so that she can get better. This picture was the day she got sick.

I was super sick, Raya was super sick, but Kallen is getting much better!!! We had Dr appts Wed, Thurs, Fri and Sat morning. All were just follow ups and to check him out and make sure he was getting better and not worse. They did chest x-rays Friday to make sure there was no pneumonia developing and there wasn't. The chest x-rays were perfect. By Saturday our Dr told me I could cut the oxygen treatments out, or once a day if he was looking like he needed it. I've done them once a day because he still has a cough and he seems much better after the little boost of oxygen. 

This is how we spent the majority of the weekend. Gentry was soooooo great :) I really did nothing. I was useless. And thanks to him we had food to eat. Lol. 

Poor Raya was so sick. She would cry and it was just so pitiful. Like I said earlier, I've never had a sick kid, so this was a first. It was so sad!!! Poor baby. And there's really not much you can do for a kid just under 2. A little bit of Tylenol and then juice and soup. Riiiiight. Soup for a toddler? Who wants to feed herself. Good luck with that. But as I type right now Kallen is cooing away in his bouncer, Raya is up because she had a cough attack and wanted to cuddle, so she's sitting in Kallen's bumbo about 6 inches from the screen watching Wow Wow Wubbzy and we're all about to go to bed! My flu has moved to the head cold part so I can't taste anything!!!! UHHHHHH. I HATE when I can't taste. I'm guessing someone up above knows I have a wedding to be in next Saturday so they're helping me eat well ;) Cause if I can't taste it I won't eat it, right? Not gonna lie, there's a piece of lemon cake in the kitchen and about every 2 hours I take a bit to see if I can taste. I can't. At all. But I know that its so good so I imagine it. HAHA. So hopefully before Friday, when we leave for Cathleen's wedding in Palm Springs we'll all be on top of our game. Ps- Our family outfits for the wedding are so cute. Yah I said "family outfits" We're all coordinated. That's what we do :) I can't wait to post pictures!!!! 
Just gonna wrap it up with some pictures of Little Big Man:
ALL he wanted to do was sleep. He really didn't want to eat and he definitely didn't want to be awake. This is him getting that goooood deep sleep :)

Sick, but still Cute!!! 

Family Footsies ;)


  1. ugh, that sounds awful....hope you all are feeling better soon!

    ...and I have totally done that same thing when I'm sick. I was sick over Thanksgiving one year and my mom made pumpkin cheesecake...and I kept taking little bites hoping that I would taste something and finally I said "I give up...I could be eating mashed potatoes for all I know!" ....but sometimes I could *imagine* what it would taste like haha.

    You'll have to post about how he likes his new paci :-)