Thursday, March 3, 2011

Keeping Up With Kallen---2 Months Old!

Kallen Bug
I forget how much changes week to week when you're this young! I need to blog your updates more often because so much has changed these last 4 weeks.

You are such a sweet baby. You smile at me when you wake up in the morning and its the best way to start the day. You are a good sleeper at night. You usually only wake up once to eat and go right back to sleep. You'd probably be a pretty good day sleeper too if I could hold you every second. You do NOT like to sleep by yourself. You want to be held ALL the time. I've found a few little tricks, like if I get you to fall asleep and then let you nap on the couch on your stomach you'll sleep pretty solid. Having you sleep on your stomach freaks me out, so I only let you do it when you're napping and right next to me. You also sleep pretty good in our bed-I know, its so comfy right?! But you're clearly a cuddle bug and could lay on me or your Dad All Day Long! Raya let me put her down a lot more and would sleep on her own easier, I guess you just have that Needy Man Thing ;) Hehe.

You are awake more during the day now. I'm not really sure what to do to entertain you. Lol. You'll swing and look around for about 15 minutes or lay in your play gym for about 10, but then you're over it. You really just like me to hold you and walk around. You coo a lot! I don't remember Raya cooing this much. Your Dad I were cracking up last night because you literally say "Coo." Haha!!! Sometimes you make other noises, but most of the time you say "Coooo." You're still a loud kid. You grunt and make all sorts of noises when you're waking up or moving around.

You can hold your head up great. I can walk around with you and you'll hold your head up and look around the whole time. When you're on your tummy you'll push your chest up and hold your head up and look around. You also love for us to hold you so you can "stand" up. Your Dad lets you stand and you flex your muscles. It's hilarious. I'll get it on video to share :) So your legs are very strong!

Your eyes are still pretty dark, but every once in awhile the light will shine at an angle that lets me see the brown in them, so I'm guessing your eyes will be dark brown? You still have all of the hair you were born with. It's lightening up a bit. Right now its brown and in the sun it has a golden tint to it. It's still pretty straight. It curls up some when its wet, but by the time it dries its straight again.

You've outgrown some of your 3 month clothes. Last week I busted out your 6month collection. You fit pretty good in a lot of those thing. Most of your 3month stuff fits you perfectly, but any day its going to be too short/tight. I've put you in a couple 9mon shirts and jackets and they don't swallow you up like they did with Raya. We go to the doctor tomorrow for your 2 month appt so we'll get your stats then, but I'm guessing you weigh 12.3lbs and are 21.5 inches. Your Dad and I make bets every time, so thats mine.

You eat great, nursing like a pro. During the day you eat every 2 hours. At night you will go at least 4 hours, usually 5 or 6, before wanting to eat, so we all get a good nights sleep! THANKS!!! And you rarely spit up. I didn't know some babies spit up and some don't, but seriously, you've probably spit up like 5 times your whole life.

Oh, and most importantly, this month you pinky swore me that you wouldn't play football-unless it was as a kicker. Even Dad's on board with it! Football is just so bad for your head, so after we discussed it with you and you weighed your options, you were on board too! I look forward to watching you play soccer or baseball or basketball or waterpolo or whatever. No pressure :)

I love love love you kiddo! You truly are my sweet baby boy and I so look forward to watching you grow. Seeing your face light up and your sweet little smile makes everything better. I could stare at your face and coo with you All Day Long!!!

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