Friday, March 4, 2011


So I was kinda busy the last few weeks: newborn+toddler with eczema=long nights and no time to blog... and I missed documenting some of Kallen's Big of the Biggest was his 1st SMILE!!! I got his first real smile when he was 4 weeks old. It was the sweetest smile I've ever been given by a boy ;) He is soooo dang cute when he smiles! God, I love this kid. AND he has dimples on BOTH sides. Yah, Mama's gonna need to carry a gun. Duh. A couple days later I got one on camera! Not gonna lie, I'm good with my camera. Haha. But seriously, after 22months of daily pictures with Raya, I better be!
Here's some of my FAVORITE pictures of Kallen's perfect little smile:

Yep, melts my heart. Those eyes have nothing but pure love behind them. Those sweet little smiles are easily what makes life so amazing. To be able to look at such a beautiful little boy smiling up at me makes me feel like the luckiest gal in the world...a lucky gal that's gonna need to carry a guy ;) Did I already say that?

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