Thursday, March 17, 2011

Keeping Up With Kallen

We went to his 2month doctor check up a few weeks ago. He was 13.9 lbs and 23.5 inches. I was right on for the height, but off by a pound on the weight. I was thinking he was more like 12...he's a big kid! Doc said he looked good and was nice and healthy. He's 14.6lbs now.  He's in the 95% for weight and a little above the 75% or 85% for height, I can't remember. He fits great in all of his 6 month clothes. I already had to put away a lot of his 3month clothes. Definitely the 3month pants. Those were tight. Lol. And he's in size 2 diapers.

So Handsome

"Good morning Mama!" 

Skyping with Granny

Sick kid:
At the beginning of this week he started to get a little congested, so we had him sleep with the humidifier on for 2 nights and it only seemed to get worse. Usually I wait a little longer to call the doctor because I know there's not much they can give a baby at this age, and because the best medicine I can give him is breastmilk and I was doing that, but I guess it was a motherly instinct to call. I made an appt for Wednesday morning and by Tuesday night I was so glad I did. Towards the end of the day he developed a pretty nasty cough-it sounded EXACTLY like the cough on the commercial for whopping cough, so I diagnosed him myself ;) (It wasn't whopping cough) But by Wednesday morning he was clearly not feeling well. So after seeing the doctor he diagnosed Kallen with RSV. It's bronchiolitis (inflammation of the small airways in the lung) You can read about it here: RSV. While at the doc office he had me use a nebulizer with some medicine in it. It takes 15 minutes for all the medicine to pump through the nebulizer, so he gets about 15minutes of oxygen and medicine. Some kids respond well to this treatment and some show no improvement. Kallen responded really well, so they sent us home with a nebulizer and the medicine and I have to give him the oxygen treatments every 4-6 hours depending on his breathing. He did really well that day. The night was a little tough. I felt like he was breathing harder than usual. It was like how you'd breathe after you took a short run to the end of the block or something. So, needless to say, I slept lightly. He was still nursing, so that's probably the only reason we didn't have to check him into the hospital. He's not eating as much as he usually does, but he's eating and that's a great sign. We went back this morning (Thursday) and his breathing was a lot less "wheezer" than the day before. The doc did say that he would get worse before he got better, so be prepared for that. I have to keep the oxygen treatments up and we go see the doc again tomorrow morning. The oxygen treatments aren't as hard as I thought they would be. He pretty much just sits calmly and lets me hold the mask on his face. I'm thinking maybe it's soothing? Or immediately helps him breathe better? When the doctor told me they were going to do the treatment I assumed the nurse was going to do it. She came in and set everything up then handed it to me and said "Hold this over his nose and mouth, I'll be back in 15. Make sure you hold the mask completely upright and that it covers his nose and mouth or it won't work" and shuts the door and leaves. I'm like, "Ummm, Ok, so let me try and figure out how to hold a baby straight up and support his head since he really can't and hold his arms down and somehow pin his head against my chest so he doesn't move it AND hold the mask over his mouth and nose. I sat cross legged in the chair with Kallen facing out and, well, luckily the medicine was done by the time the nurse came back cause that would've been awkward. LOL. I've gotten much better at it and don't look ridiculous anymore. RSV it a little freaky to deal with because it has to do with his breathing and because when I read about it on line the only parts I really remembered were about the infants that die from it. Awesome. Kallen doesn't seem to by anywhere near this being critical. Luckily we saw the doctor before it was at its worse, so I'm prepared and we already have a treatment plan and can monitor everything. He's been eating great today! And he's snuggled up and sleeping like a baby while I'm writing this. And breathing great. So we're doing good! I'll be sure to keep you posted :) Oh and we rounded out the appt with Thrush. Awesome, again. I just thought my nipples hurt cause this kid has jaws like a shark. So I was nursing through the pain thinking it'd go away eventually. It wasn't bothering him at all cause he's had it for a couple weeks now and up until 2 days ago he was eating like a champ. Sooooo, just some bumps in the baby road. Thanks for all the love and prayers and well wishes from those that I talked to the last few days! Let's hope he kicks this asap!!

Ready for the doctors

Sick but still smiling

Watching March Madness with Dad and gettin some oxygen


Love My Boy!!

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