Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Raya Recently- 23 Months! Again

Just a little sumthin to go along with yesterday's post...

So once a week I get an email from BabyCenter.com. Well actually twice a week now that I have 2 kids. The one for Raya came yesterday. It was the email for "Your 23month old, Week 2" and guess what the topic was?! "Does your toddler ignore you?" This isn't the first time the email has been spot on. It actually happens a lot and I feel like its the Baby Gods laughing at me and then feeling bad for laughing and then sending me help via my email. They're good guys :) The first sentence in the article was: "Does your toddler ignore you? She's not doing it on purpose; it takes time and practice to learn how to listen well." Ahhhhh, so relieving. I love you BabyCenter.com. Here's the little snip-it if you're interested: Ignoring
Such a helpful little article!

AND, I've always heard people say "Yah, my toddler didn't talk much and then one day, Bam, all kinds of words and phrases." Well Raya did that yesterday. She's had a good amount of words, but wasn't a big talker. Well she was a talker, but not in a language the general public could understand. I took her outside to run around and she started saying "I got it!" I had never heard her say that, and that one phrase I swear popped the cork holding her vocab in. In the last 24 hours she hasn't stopped talking. And almost all of it has been words and phrases that we can understand. Its AMAZING how that happens! Seriously, she's saying all kinds of things. It's crazy. And so cool. And one more reminder that my baby is growing up. But it's all good :) It's funny because after I got her dressed today she looked different. Like a little girl and not a baby. We went and saw Gentry and my Mom at work and had lunch with them and she was just so chatty and grown. I guess the bitter sweet is never ending....But I'll take it. She's such a fun kid. And funny too. And gorgeous. And I'm so lucky <3

My Little Girl

She was fake falling. It was hilarious. And she knew it.


So Purty


  1. i get those emails from babycenter.com too. they have some helpful articles. i am loving raya's outfit and those sandals are adorable! where did you get them?
    To answer your question you left on my blog we live in Northern CA near Sacramento. Do you live in CA?

  2. Joeylee beat me to it...I was goinng to ask where that dress and sandals were from! :-) So stinkin' cute!

  3. If you still need a summer hat for Kallen you should check out this website: http://www.comfykid.com/cgi-bin/ck-shop.cgi?func=show_group&groups_id=41&req_page=2
    I will admit I was mostly distracted by all the adorable girl ones (an owl one even!! haha) but they also seem to have a lot of cute boy ones too :-)

  4. thanks, I might have to go check out Ross. they are adorable. I wish we lived near the beach. I use a Canon powershot SX210 IS. its a great camera. I love it. I do edit my photos in photobucket, I found it to be the easiest to edit photos in.