Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Girls Visit!

One of my best friends from college, Olivia, and her daughter, Priestly came and stayed with us last week. They were here for 4 days and it was sooooo great having them!!!! Priestly is 2 months younger than Raya, so they're super close in age. When Olivia and I talked leading up to the trip we were very curious how the 2 girls would interact with each other. Especially because they'd be together the WHOLE time for the 4 days and neither one had been around another kid for that long. They're still at that age that kids don't really play together, its more like they play next to each other. And they are both learning the whole "sharing" thing, so that was interesting. Lol. When Raya is with her friend Jackson they take each other's toys and run and then the other chases and they just laugh. Its a game to them. So when Priestly got here Raya assumed Priestly knew The Game. She didn't. And when she learned it she really didn't like it. So Raya would take her things and run away hoping Priestly would chase her, but that wasn't happening. Priestly was not amused. Haha! She knew that if Raya took it, she wouldn't have it and that pissed her off. So Olivia and I helped mediate ;) I wouldn't say they loved each other, but they definitely put up with each other. They got along like any strangers dressed alike would get along ;) If you just looked at the pictures you'd think they were BFFs, but clearly I'm just as talented as those people that edit reality shows, cause through the pictures I've made it the reality I was hoping it would be. So maybe by next year they'll like each other a little more.

It was soooo great having Olivia here. Tuesday, Feb 22, was National Margarita Day (yes, its a real holiday-look it up) We went out and had margaritas and talked. Ahhh, it was great having a girls night. I think that's been the hardest thing for me, missing my girlfriends. I have a play date with a couple of my girlfriends once or twice a month and those are always wonderful. So having one of my girlfriends staying with me was so fun. Its was 4 days of "girl talk!" The only thing that would have made it better is if it was just a little bit warmer so we could've worked on our tans while drinking talking.

Olivia and I skype a couple times a month. It's really just like any other playdate. We try to catch up on each other's lives and keep an eye on our kid at the same time. That might mean I let Raya draw on the sliding glass door for fifteen minutes because 1. I know it will come off and 2. That's a solid 15 I can have a conversation without her climbing the bookshelf or eating outta the dog bowl. So because we skype I feel like I see them regularly. And I've been able to watch Priestly grow and change. It's crazy to think I've only seen that little girl once in real life. Ah, good 'ol skype. However, one of the things I failed to witness through the power of skype was the looks Priestly gives. This girl gave the MOST intense looks I've ever seen from a little kid! Sometimes, when she looked at me, I'd think I was in trouble. She could look at you with the most intense look and not even blink! She meant business. I wish I got a picture of it. I'm sure her Mom has one.

Olivia, thank you so so so much for coming. It was so GREAT to have you both here!!! I miss you girls already :) Love you both!

PS- They have a couple matching outfits if you haven't already picked that up. Sometimes Olivia and I find things that we love, so we get 2 of them :) I was so excited to get them together in their outfits. Best Photo Op!
My facebook album has more pictures: Girls Visit

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  1. their little matching outfits! :-)