Monday, March 28, 2011

Raya Recently- 23 Months!

Raya Sunshine-
I can't believe the countdown to TWO is in full effect. My baby's gonna be TWO?!?!? How did that happen?
Lets see my little one...what have you been up to? Well you got through your first Sickness. It was the basic flu-runny nose, fever, aches, sore throat, cough. The worst part lasted about 4 days and you were one sad puppy. You just wanted to cuddle and watch cartoons. The saddest part was hearing you cough and then you'd whimper because the coughing hurt your throat. Uh, stab me in the heart! That sad little face. But you are a trooper for sure. You didn't whine about it and you weren't even fussy. I would've been totally fine if you were, just so you know. I was just so surprised by how tough you were about it. And the short times you were feeling a little better you wanted to jump on your trampoline or go to the park. So this week I learned that you're going to be a kid that I have to MAKE relax and take it easy. Duh. You still have a runny nose-that's awesome. Nothing like a runny nose when you're a flower girl and in a bunch of pictures :)
Sick girl :(
How we spent the majority of our week

AND this last week you've introduced me to what many know as The Terrible Twos! I'm not positive its that, but that's how I'm summing it up. Lol. I'm sure its a combination of you still being a bit sick, your sleep schedule is totally off, maybe you're getting your 2year molars?, and you don't get as much attention as you use to. So all that sums up to One Feisty Little Girl. Whhoooooweeeeeee child. You have been testing me beyond belief. And now you throw mini tantrums and freak out pretty easily. So, not my favorite time, but we'll get through it (please) Nothin like a public tantrum to make you feel like you've failed at parenting. Haha. I know I know, it happens to everyone, but I'm not use to a kid doing this. You've really never had a tantrum, so its all new. And I'll be totally ok when you decide you're outta the tantrum phase. Cause if it lasts much longer mama's water bottles are gonna be mama's wine bottles ;) You DO NOT listen to me when I say No. I can't decide if its because you're still so young, or if its your personality and you hear me but don't care. That's hard. There is no tone I can use to say No that works with you. I clearly don't scare you. Some may think thats a good thing, and I'm a good mom for not instilling fear in my child, but when you're climbing the bar in the kitchen and I'm nursing Kallen and tell you No its annoying. Keeping my fingers crossed it gets better as you get older.

You are talking a lot. More and more words all the time. Your favorite word is No. Lol. But you have some phrases now too. "I got it," "There is it," "What's that," "Ah Man," "Where'd it go?" You love watching Nick Jr and when they teach dance routines you get up and follow along as best you can. Its SO CUTE!!! Your favorite cartoon is Wow Wow Wubbzy, but now you also like Ni Hao, Kia Lan, Dora, Diego and Olivia. You're still active as ever. You love to run and jump. Jumping is probably your favorite right now. And you're really good at it. You easily jump, both feet together and land on both feet. You have a basketball and hoop from Nana (obviously) and you can toss the ball under hand and make it in the basket.

We were so busy last week being sick and getting ready for our mini vacation to Palm Springs for Cathleen's wedding that I didn't get to do your 23month blog on the 22nd AND I have very few new pictures of you. YIKES!!! The blog doesn't worry me, but not having pictures of you?!?! I gotta do better :)

You are in size 24month and 2T clothes. Yah 24months and 2T are different sizes. Makes no sense. And its annoying. But I get just about everything in 2T now. You fit all of your 18month pants (if they're cute as capris) You wear a size 7 shoe perfectly. You wear size 4 diapers and as soon as we get back from our Arkansas trip Potty Training 101 is Goin Down!!!

Well my little time I blog about my BFF you'll be TWO!!! Make it stop ;) You're the cutest kid I could ever ask for. Watching you grow is the highlight of my life. I love you!!!

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  1. she is adorable and I'm right there with you, my daughter will be 2 in's gone by so fast!