Monday, March 14, 2011

It's the Freakin Weekend...

So, I have a bunch of good pictures from this weekend. We didn't really do anything...just random weekend things people do, or shouldn't do with 2 small children- like let's start with the BIGGEST diaper blow up I've ever witnessed. (And yes, it was a blow up, not blow out. Do you see this picture?!)
From the bottom of his leg to the neck. ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?
Yah so I had him in the baby pouch strapped to me. Now let me tell you a little about this boy. He farts like a grown man. Its ridiculous, unbelievable and hilarious all at the same time. Thing is, when he was strapped to me I was walking through the shoe section at TJ Maxx and there were a bunch of people, but it was surprisingly quite. So little man rips a big one and I'm like "Oh god, he's gonna keep going and this is so awkward." So I was trying to talk semi-loud to him. Like "Hey baby boy," in a tone that was loud enough to drowned out his farts, but not strangely loud so people would wonder why I was shouting at my 9 week old ;) So I find Gentry and Raya and tell him we gots to go, like now. Thennnn we get him out of the baby pouch and this is what we find! Thank god I wasn't by myself cause this was definitely a 2 person job. I really didn't even know where to start. We both were laughing so hard and in shock that this "little" baby really just s%#t all the way up to his NECK. So together we managed to get this off-of course it would be the day he's in a onesie that has to be pulled over his head. Lovely. And I did think about cutting it off, but it's one of his cuter outfits and since he outgrew his 0-3 month stuff so fast I need the few 6month things he has! LOL. After his full body wipe down we got him in another outfit and were ready to hit the stores again. And Gentry ends it with, "I bet you can't wait to blog about this." HAHA! You know it ;)
Post Blow-out and full body wipe down :)
Daddy's shopping buddy
So then we go back to Nordstrom Rack so I can try this dress on we saw as we were walking out. I've been looking for a bridesmaid dress for one of my Bff's wedding in 2 weeks. It's been quite the hunt because apparently Marigold isn't mainstream yet (which I'm sure you love, Cathleen). I see this perfect dress on a manikin and it seems to be the last one. I should've stopped on my way out but I really didn't think it was going to be such a popular dress. So I'm walking back into the store as the guy working there is putting the manikin back-NAKED. The dress is gone. Or so I think until I see a girl carrying it over her head and carelessly drops it into her shopping cart. UHHHH. I see that her Mom is in charge of the basket, so I get up close to make sure its the dress. It is. Frick. So I follow Mom as I brainstorm what to do. I tell Gentry that I'm going to follow them and see if she tries it on and hopefully it won't fit and she'll leave it in the dressing room. But no, they just got there and were determined to look at every piece of clothing in the freakin store. Mom was pretty old and using the cart as a crutch, and when I was right next to her I also saw that she had a bad eye, so yes, I thought about trying to sneak it out of the cart when her other eye was occupied. But the dress was the ONLY thing in the cart, so that would've been risky- well that and the fact that if Daughter happen to sneak up there I'd be with a baby strapped to me trying to jack "her" dress. Awkward. And she was bigger than me so I was slightly afraid. So I back off and play it cool. I see Daughter go back to the cart and decide to try the dress on right there. Over her clothes! And then WEAR IT the rest of the time she shops. Who does that?!?! So after 20minutes I decided it wasn't meant to be and we left. Sad :( And after we got to the car and got the kids all loaded up she came walking out of the store with it. So I guess she bought it. Luckily I have a dress. I liked this one way better, but it probably wouldn't match as good as the dress I currently have.

The dress I DIDN'T get
On a side note, I had my post baby appt and had lost all the weight I gained while pregnant with Kallen, plus 1lb! WHAT?! Yah, I guess my cheese burger every other day and nightly Hersey's chocolate bar really paid off ;) LOL. God Bless Breastfeeding is all I can say!!!! So I ordered this dress online and was so freaked out it wouldn't fit because it was a large and they said their sizes run small so order a size up, but of course the Large was as large as they went. Got the dress and it was big :) So I have a medium coming tomorrow. And that means I only have 10lbs to lose to get to my pre-pre pregnacy weight! 10lbs in nothing right? Yet its sooooo
The dress I ordered on-line. 
These next pictures are from our walk on the boardwalk. It was the day before the big Japan earthquake, so the next day it was closed. It's been PERFECT beach walking weather. I got tan lines!!!! Nothing like burning calories AND working on your tan. Multitasking is my middle name. lol.
He started crying and she popped her head into his side and gave him his pacifier in a "I-know-what-to-do-when-this-baby-cries" kinda way. SOOOO cute :)
Enjoying her View
Had some down time and I got these cute ones
This is what it looks like when she gets too excited and too close to him. She didn't bite him :)
You can see the love in her expression :) She's kinda obsessed with him
Such different hair! Can you see Kallen's swirly? I have one in the exact same spot
Clearly Dad is more comfortable than the bed
A little Sunday morning Dancing

We started gutting our little baby backyard and of course Raya helped. What did we do before we had her? Lol. She spent a good couple hours out there keeping him company, but then she started eating the dirt...What is up with that?! A lady at the park told me her daughter ate sand all the time and ended up being iron deficient. Hmmmm. Raya doesn't eat it all the time, but about 80% of the time she tries to get at least one mouth full. 
This is the side of the "yard." There's a bigger area not pictured that we're going to hopefully lay grass down at so we can get Raya a playhouse! 
Discussing what type of grass to get. Obviously.

It was a great little weekend! I LOVE when its lighter out later, so Sunday was the best. I have more pictures of each of the kiddos, so I'll do some individual post asap. Have a good week!!!


  1. I loooove the dress you have! and congrats on only 10 more that nothing!!!

  2. KELS~ you crack me up. Love You ~Amy

  3. That blow out looks intense! lol

  4. what an intense blow out! Keira gets those quite often! GROSS is all I have to say. love all the pics