Friday, March 4, 2011

Ebony-ish and Ivory-ish

Ok, they're not really, but we joke about it. It's pretty obvious that Raya and Kallen look very different. I always said "I just hope they look like brother and sister!" Hmmmm. Who knows if they will when they get a little older, especially because Kallen has a lot more growing to do. But either way, they're very different right now. Just a little post to remind me of the little individuals they are :)

Raya weighed 6.11 lbs at birth
Kallen weighed 9.2 lbs!

Raya had very little hair when she was born. It all fell out and she was bald until about 10months old. When it did start growing it was very light and she currently has blond/light brown hair.
Kallen was born with a head of hair. It was dark brown. It's currently a little lighter, but still brown and none of it has fallen out.

Raya's eyes were WIDE open when she was born.
Kallen didn't fully open his eyes for a day or two after he was born.

At their 2month Dr Appt:
Raya was in the 95percentile for Height and 50percentile for Weight
Kallen is in the 95percentile for Weight and 55percentile for Height

Raya spit up.
Kallen never spits up.

Raya has an innie belly button
Kallen has an outtie.

Raya was a pretty quite and calm baby.
Kallen is a LOUD baby. He grunts, coos, and even breaths loud.

Raya was very easy going.
Kallen is much more particular.

Raya is Ivory-ish
Kallen is Ebony-ish ;)

As they grow I'll be sure to update you with their differences or similarities.

Some things they have in common:
They are both good sleepers, good eaters and cuddle bugs.
They both have skin tones I layed out for hours to try and obtain.
They both have brown eyes (currently.)
They both enjoy bath time. Hopefully they'll both be little water bugs!
They are both loved more than they could ever imagine :)

When I first took this picture of Kallen I thought "Oh, I have a picture of Raya that looks just like him!" But now that I see them next to each other I change my mind :) What do you think?

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