Monday, March 7, 2011

2 Under 2

Raya is 22 months and Kallen is 2 months! So of course I have to do a little "2 Under 2" post. 
Raya is still a wonderful Big Sis. She's just so sweet to Kallen. Not once has she tried to get feisty with him or be anything but absolutely loving. It's really easy to get cute pictures of them together because Raya loves to hold him and because Kallen has no clue that his mom willingly hands him over to a not-so-gentle toddler for a photo opp. 

Speaking of photo ops...I've been following a blog by a gal my age who lost her 4month old daughter this month (Maddie's Blog: It was very sudden and unexpected. Heart broken can't EVEN begin to describe how I feel for this girl. Reading about her loss shook me to my core. I really can't even read it because I can relate to this girl so much and I really feel her pain through her blogs. In one of her recent posts she talked about taking pictures. She wrote: "If I can give anyone any advice.. Take pictures.. Take them everyday..You just never know." 

It's no surprise I take LOTS of pictures. I know some people think I'm crazy (or annoying-Gentry and Bryce :) But you better believe when I look back at regrets I may have, taking pictures-or not taking enough- won't be one of them! Another blog I follow: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, She wrote a very similar post and had this quote that I thought was just perfect (picture perfect ;)

"Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."

I'm pretty good about truly loving every moment of parenting. The times when my patience are thin or I think I'm going crazy I take a second and think, "I know they grow sooooo fast, and I wouldn't EVER wish this phase to be over. I love every phase of these kids' lives and I want to soak up every second I can with them because before I know it they're not going to be my little cuddle bugs or buddies all hours of the day." I'm serious. I get so sad about them growing up, so when Raya is playing with my hair and starts to get so sleepy that her hands start pulling my hair it sometimes irritates me, but it only takes one second for me to be like "In a couple of years she's not gonna wanna play with my hair or sit on my lap (or fit on my lap for that matter) and cuddle and I'm going to be heartbroken. And sitting squished in the recliner with both kids in my lap is truly a "little thing in life" that I will look back on as one of the "big things."

Ok, sappy post over ;) God, I'm such a mom. HAHA. It's true what they say..."There's a kinda love you never know about until you have kids." However, they don't tell you that love makes you a TOTAL sap. Poor pathetic me ;) Lol
But on another note...How cute are my kids?!?! 

Just some things I want to remember...and probably another blog topic I'll add to my repertoire.
"I Treasure"

I treasure when Raya sits on my lap and plays with my hair while I work on the computer and she watches cartoons.
I treasure the way she clearly says "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy" over and over for no reason at all.
I treasure the way she follows me around and hugs my leg and hangs on tight.
I treasure when Kallen wakes up and smiles at me the first time he sees me.
I treasure when he coos and talks to me.
I treasure the pure love in his eyes when he smiles.
I treasure when Raya rubs and pats my arm and then hugs it when she's in her carseat and I'm in the back with her.
I treasure the way Raya answers me (sometimes ;) When I suggest something to do or eat and she wants to she so happily says "Yahhhhhh!" and claps so enthusiastically.
I treasure when Raya rests her head on my shoulder and her little body fits so perfectly against mine.
I treasure the way both of my kid's hands feel wrapped around one of my fingers.
I treasure that I get to be at home everyday with my kids and watch them grow.

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  1. "God, I'm such a mom"

    ^^ too :-P

    Very cute pic of them sleeping next to each other :-)