Friday, April 1, 2011

2 Under 2

I can't believe I only have 22 days left to write the "2 Under 2" posts. Raya will be 2 on April 22nd. GEEZE!!! So I thought I better do some posts while I still have 2 babies under 2 :)

They're still as cute as can be together. Raya is still loving having him around. Sometimes she gets so excited she can hardly stand it. She does this thing my brother use to do. I don't really know how to explain it. Its like she gets filled with excitement and kinda clinches her teeth and smiles and gets super close to him and rubs her nose on his face. It's like shes going to burst. Its pretty funny. I'll try to get it on video. And they're still at the perfect ages for super cute pictures together. It's hard to think that one day they're not going to want to take pictures together. Actually, that might not happen. For the most part my brother and I always liked taking pictures together. Here's some from the past weeks that just melt my heart.
This is the first picture I have of the 2 of them both smiling 

Raya- Super Excited; Kallen- a little alarmed

A little Sunday morning dancing

I LOOOOOOVE this one. I ordered a coffee mug with this picture. My first "Mom" coffee mug with my TWO kids!

Sooooo excited about matching clothes. Here's their first set-Matching Jammies from Nana

She adores him <3

Raya is thankful for little brothers with hair.

I don't even have to tell her to kiss him :) She's loves lovin on him

Such a good big Sis...and Kallen's such a trooper

I also did some Comparison photos. I found one of Raya when she was almost 3 months, so I put Kallen on his belly hoping I could a similar shot. This is what I ended up with:
I think they have some similar features. Their eyebrows and foreheads are basically the same. They have similar shaped eyes, even though Kallen's look a little bigger. Similar chin/cheek shape, Kallen's are a little plumper, lol. I still don't know if I'd look at this picture and think they are siblings. I really think Raya looks like my baby picture and Kallen looks like Gentry's baby picture. So of course I did some more Comparisons :)

I think they have the same smile, same dimples (which is weird cause I swore he got those from me) Surprisingly they don't have the same nose-well at least in this picture. One of the first things I thought when I first saw Kallen was that he had Gentry's nose. Maybe he just doesn't look like it to me. 

So I didn't ever really think Raya looked like me. And then I started looking for a baby picture to put next to mine and I couldn't believe how much we do look alike! Yah! I think We have the same head shape, same jaw line. She definitely has my mouth and smile. We don't have the same nose. Our eyes are pretty similar. I think she has my mom's eyes though. I definitely have my dad's eyes, so we'll see how that works out. But I was so surprised by how many pictures I found of her that look so similar to this one of me. Yet my dad and Raya's dad look sooooo different. Lol. Guess my genes won this kid ;) Every since she was born I'd always look at her and think she looked so much like Gentry, especially when they were asleep. It's funny how these pictures of the 2 of us are so similar. I'm glad I have at least one baby that looks like me. Haha. Cause Kallen doesn't seem to have a single feature like me. Maybe that'll change as he grows....
I'm kinda obsessed with the comparison pictures, if you can't tell. Don't worry, I'm sure there will be more. Hehe.


  1. LOVE the matching pjs!!!

    I do think they look like siblings when you compare the pics....but if I saw them randomly on the street I'd think they look pretty different. You're right....Kallen looks like Daddy and Raya looks like Mommy!!! :-)

  2. love the matching pjs too!
    I love doing comparisons each month my girls. For the first 3 months Keira looked nothing like Kaylee. Now when I did a 4 month comparison they are starting to look more alike.

    You can see the similarities in them, but they do look different.
    They are adorable though. I'm right there with ya on that they grow up fast. Kaylee will be 2 May 13th! Have a good weekend!