Friday, February 25, 2011

Raya Recently- 22 Months!

Ms. Raya
Today you are 22 months AND the date is 2.22.11. Well didn't that work out nicely ;) Love fun numbers.
All dressed up for 22months! ;)
Well, this was the month you started sleeping in your new bed. You only sleep there about half the night, but that's fine by me! If you come get in bed with us you sleep until at least 8, so I'll take it. The last few weeks you've been sleeping alot. I try and put you to bed by 8. Sometimes you're asleep by then, and sometimes I get caught up watching American Idol (or Jersey Shore-don't judge) and your bedtime gets pushed back a little. Either way, you're asleep by 10 and sleep in until 8:30 or 9. So we're all well rested!
You've been having some Eczema issues this month. Poor baby. It seems to be getting better, but it's been a lot of work! And you've dealt with it so well. I have to lotion you up at least 3 times a day, usually 4, and most of the time you don't fight it. That's been awesome. And as much as it itches, I'd expect you to be a little more feisty, but you really haven't. You've been a champ! Even in the early morning when you wake up because the itching is driving you crazy, you're fine. I know I'd be beyond frustrated and probably cry. You just try and go back to sleep :) You are one tough cookie!
Helping get the mail
This month you've taught yourself how to use my phone. Well not for the reason you'd use a phone, but for the reason most people buy the iPhone-the Apps! Nana got an ipad a few months back and she showed you how to open apps and use your finger to slide through the pages. Well, the other day I watched you grab my phone, unlock it, and then flip through the 4 pages of apps until you found the page of baby game apps. You've never really played with my phone before, other than to watch Wow Wow Wubbzy on Youtube, so it was so funny to watch you flip through the pages and look for specific apps. It really seemed like you knew there was a page with baby game apps and you knew you just had to flip through them until you found them, which you did with ease. It also made you look like such a little kid, and not my little baby :( I hate that part!
You climb this ALL DAY LONG,
so I might as well get a cute picture of you at it
You're still doing great as the Big Sis. You love having Kallen around. You're not obsessed with him like he's your favorite toy, but you like to be sweet with him and get close to his face and nuzzle him or kiss him. Now when I take you up to bed and tell you to give Daddy and the Baby kisses good night you walk right up to him and kiss him on the lips and then kiss Daddy. Its the SWEETEST THING EVER. You like to hold him and sometimes get a little pissed when I take him back. A couple times you've gotten upset when I leave with him and you're not sure where we are going.

You're 26lbs and I'm guessing about 36inches. You are officially out of all your 12month clothes. You fit a lot of your 18month clothes, but the pants are all high waters and your 18month jeans are getting tight on your waist. I buy all 24month pants and 2T or 3T tops for you. You wear a size 7 shoe, you could probably fit a 7.5-yes, that's pretty big for a 22month old. You're still alot taller than most kids your age. You are extremely active and athletic. You've got a really great throw, you easily run and kick a ball, you're FAST and fearless and you can jump with both feet off the ground. (Wow Kelsey, brag a little?)
Animal print on Animal print= Jersey girl in training
You are a cuddle bug. If you are snuggled and playing with my hair you fall asleep so quickly. Oh and I keep forgetting to write about this, but you LOVE skin. I think it started when I was pregnant and you'd always want to lay your head on my belly. Now, when you're sleepy, if I'm wearing capri pants you get on the floor next to me and put your face against the exposed part of my leg. If your Dad or I are wearing a tank top or shorts you rest your face on our arms or legs. When I put you down for a nap you put my forearm over your eyes or against your cheek. There's something about skin against your face that's very soothing to you. It's pretty cute.
You and your bodyguard (aka Dad)
Can you tell Mr. Bubble man was preforming?
Wellll, now begins the countdown to 2!!! I can't believe my baby is so close to 2 years old. Kinda breaks my heart, but its so fun watching you grow and seeing the new things you do and watching your own little personality develop. You are such a fun, sweet girl. You are the best part of my day. Its impossible not to smile when you're around. I'm a ridiculously lucky Mom. Thanks for being the best daughter a girl could ask for!
Love You Raya Bug!

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  1. This is a very sweet post. That Raya girl can get right to the center of Nana too. I am not sure how many times I have decided to get her a car at 16 because of some very sweet gesture!:> Like the other night at the basketball game when she put her face between the bars on the handrail to give me a kiss.... melt moment!
    And, I am a ridiculously lucky mom and nana!! On to 2!