Tuesday, August 2, 2011

So I JUST did Kallen's Monthly picture for 6 months. He turns 7 months tomorrow. HAHA. I was just in time ;) But really, when they turn 7 months its like Brand New 7 months, so I figure it won't be a big deal in the long run...

He was in an excellent mood. Raya, not so much. Well she wasn't in a bad mood. But I def interrupted her so I could take their buddy picture. And she thought that was really annoying...

I think I'm going to use this one for his "Monthlys"

And while I was taking his pictures...Raya was filling my closet with toys.

So then I tried bribing Raya with everything I could think of. "Raya, if you come take 1 picture, just 1! I'll give you chocolate. Or we can go swimming. Or we can go watch Bubble Guppies. Just 1 picture."

So #1 picture. But Kallen, well, just look at his face. HAHA. And Raya had her pacifier in her mouth. Annoying. "Wait, Raya, one more..."

 "Seriously Raya? Ok, 1 more..."

 This is so her "Fine, last one. Hurry up" Face
So I'll use this one :)

And then she decided she would take a nap before we go swimming

Oh but wait, can the baby take a nap with me?
Their "nap" last all of 30 seconds :)

So that was my morning...Nana came over in the afternoon and we all went to the pool

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. haha...so cute! I love the "outtakes" of their pictures together :-)

    And I know, my poor dog would probably hate his life now too if Lee didn't still baby him so much. I always start thinking of that Marley and Me movie and then I feel really guilty and give him a dog treat or something LOL