Thursday, August 11, 2011

Beach Week 2011

We've been on VACATION!!! Well actually I guess its more of a Stay-Cation....we rented a beach house and its 10 miles from my house. HAHAHA. We rented a house in Newport with my family and its been just perfect! I'm sure some think its ridiculous to rent a beach house when I live at the beach, but it really does feel like I'm far away from home. And we're able to bring everything we need for kids, we brought a bunch of food from our house, packing wasn't a big deal and when its over its a quick drive to the house instead of a whole day of traveling just to get home. Sooooo, with small kids, this is the PERFECT way to vacation. We're about 8 houses from the beach. There's all kinds of hands to help with the kids. I'm not cleaning or doing laundry or anything like that. My mom and brother cook dinner, which is always way better than anything I can cook :) I'm in total vacation mode and its great. Raya loves being around her Nana and Uncle all day long. And I love being able to sit on the porch or in the sand and watch Raya play. Kallen's been doing a lot of sleeping and if he's up he's pretty content playing on the beach towel with toys, or if I let him, sitting in the sand and playing with it. Luckily he's not a sand muncher like Raya. Well at least he's not yet. Raya STILL eats sand. WTF?!?! It's so annoying. I'm wondering if shes iron deficient. She needs to be on that show, "My Stranger Addiction." No joke, she's get a shovel with sand on it and licks it like a fricken popsicle. Uhhhh. I can't wait till she out grows this phase.

I have a TON of pictures. Duh. Here's some from our first few days

 Donut Delivery 

Kallen and the Nanny ;) aka Tara 

Popping seaweed with Great-Grandpa

Doing lots of this :) I think he's going through a growth spurt

Seconds before she licked the sand

Playing with Nana 

Cousin Bella

Cousin Conner, Uncle Bill, Grandpa and Nana

Jackson came! They started their beach day with donuts 


Sharing toys...ya know, the same way puppies do  

Carter and Kallen

New friends 

Amy came to play with me :) 

She LOVES the warm sand

Kallen's 1st bike ride! His face isn't smothered, don't worry :) He's sucking on the edge of the baby bjorn. And less than 5 minutes into the ride he was knocked out. He really can sleep anywhere.

I'm soooo sad we only have 2 days left! We checked in last Saturday afternoon and we check out this Saturday morning. We've had friends down on different days. My Grandpa from Michigan came for the first few days. Amy and the boys came on Monday. My brother's girlfriend has been down on and off and the next 2 days I'm looking forward to more friends :) Thanks for everyone that's come to hang out. The week has been Amazing!!!

I'll post more Saturday!


  1. Au pair not nanny :)

  2. looks like you guys are having a blast! enjoy your time at the beach, I'm jealous!

  3. Jealous! Glad you guys are having so much fun! :-)