Friday, August 26, 2011

Sibling Love- August 2011

The older Kallen gets, the cuter the sibling pictures get :) Because they start looking at each other, or hugging...or maybe its just that he's a little bit stronger so when Raya hugs him it looks more like an actual hug instead of a headlock. And hugs are always cuter than headlocks. 

"Mama, I'm ready for my close up!"


 Yah! They're both looking! Only a matter of time before they're both looking AND both smiling. But if you have 2 small ones you know thats all really about how talented (and quick) Mama is at taking the picture. 

Facetime with Daddy while he's at work

Still napping together <3 The other day I heard Kallen wake up so I went up to get him before he woke Raya up, but by the time I got there he had snuggled up to her face and put his hand on her cheek and fell back asleep. Sooooooo cute. 

 Still gotta get Raya her own chair. LOL!

 Just holdin on to my sister...

 Raya is always checking on him during our walks. The other day I got about a half a mile from the car and realized I only had 1 pacifier. So some how I talked Raya into giving hers to him because he was super tired and really wanted one. Well, he feel asleep and it fell out of his mouth, so Raya took the cue that he was done with it and she took it back. About 30 minutes later he woke up and was starting to cry and she took it out of her mouth and put it in his. He went right back to sleep and she kept an eye on him waiting for it to fall out of his mouth. 
He loves taking her pacifier. And as of now she thinks its hilarious. I love watching them play together.

LOOOOOVE this one

 My Beach Babies

Raya is such a good big sister. When I was pregnant I was never worried about how she was going to react when I had the baby. It actually really didn't cross my mind until people started asking me about how I thought she was going to handle having a baby around. I was pretty sure she wasn't going to be jealous because she was so independent, but I also had no idea she'd be as amazing as she is. Who knew a 2 year old could be so sweet and so loving and so protective. Kallen's a lucky little boy :)


  1. Jealous! I can never get my two to pose nicely together without bribing Raya with candy, and even that rarely works anymore haha.

    They are too cute!


  2. I agree with Shawna I have to bribe Kaylee to get good pics with the two of them. hehe

    I love that they take naps together, thats so cute.

    Sweet N Sassy Girls

  3. Momma you are talented. Getting pictures of the boys together is so difficult. Carter is always making a stink face and Jackson poses perfectly by the time Carter makes a a sweet face Jackson is over it. Crazy boys or Crazy momma.

  4. Just found your blog. Love it and your kids are adorable! I'm excited to keep reading about them :)

    Put a link on my blog for yours so hopefully you'll get a few more readers.

    Mrs. Mommy