Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend of "Firsts"

Soooo, this weekend Kallen had quite the list of "Firsts."
He started crawling. He started pulling himself up on the furniture-which gave him his first shiner. His first 2 teeth broke through. AND he started giving Kisses!!!! So I have a bunch of videos to upload to Youtube :) I don't have any pictures of him pulling himself up because I haven't been quick enough with the camera. But I have some cute ones from the pool today :) He LOVES the water. He does all kinds of splashing and kicking. Another water baby!

He's been getting up on his hands and feet too. He's been doing this for a week or so. Made me think he might skip crawling because he was getting really good at this and wasn't even attempting to crawl. I think he will crawl, but maybe he'll walk sooner than I think. Raya walked at 9 months, and from what I've been seeing with Kallen I don't think he'll walk until he's much closer to 1. We shall see...

He's not "off and crawling," but he can definitely do the motions and did some full on crawling to different places in the living room. He also started pulling himself up on the furniture. He first did it at my Mom's and promptly fell over. And hit his little head. On the hardwood floor :( Poor baby! He burst into tears, and so did Raya. He also attempted to pull himself up in the bathtub and before I could grab his little slippery body he fell forward and hit his eye. He cried again. And got a little baby shiner. I joked about him entering the "It looks like my parents beat me but its really that I learned to pull myself up but don't quite know how to get back down without falling" Phase. Raya was in this phase for a good year. Lol. With her, there was this one spot on her forehead that she ALWAYS hit. So she either had a big bump, big bruise or big scab on that one spot. I was sure she'd forever have a scar or some kind of bump there because she somehow managed to hit that same spot all the time. Luckily, she doesn't :) But I remember going out in public thinking people were going to think I beat my kid. Well, we're back at that phase!

Raya also had her first experience with water wings, or floaties, whatever you call them. My Mom got them earlier in the week, so she spent all week playing with them in the backyard and blowing them up and putting them on her arms. When we got to the pool today she wanted nothing to do with them. Refused to put them on. Finally towards the end of our pool time she put them on. She literally swam with them for maybe a minute, got out of the pool and jumped in, by herself, without anyone around to catch her. Just got out and did a big jump back in! And kept doing it :) She was super comfortable with them on.


  1. Raya walked at nine months? Yikes! haha. I got used to my Raya walking at 14 months and I'm getting nervous because Brielle is a much busier baby :-) Brielle gets up on her hands and feet too and isn't quite crawling, but does the motions and moves backwards. I wish she'd sit still like big sister did!


  2. My husband and I went to college with a Kyla and she was the only one we knew. But since having our baby, we've found out that there are two other Kyla's just in our little neighborhood. I couldn't believe it! Her middle name is Pearl, after my great grandma.

    Kyla doesn't even seem close to pulling herself up or getting on her feet. She gets too ticked off and gives up :)


  3. Wow thats a lot of firsts. Way to go Kallen. Keira gets up on her hands and feet too, its funny to see, she is fully crawling and getting so fast.

    Good job Raya using the water wings...Kaylee loves swimming with hers. Kaylee walked at 14 months too and I think Keira will walk sooner than that too, she's a little daredevil!

    Sweet N Sassy Girls

  4. Wow, that's absolutely crazy! I've always wanted to use the middle name Pearl and I just loved how Kyla Pearl sounded. I guess we have good taste :) I love Raya and Kallen by the way!