Monday, August 29, 2011

Best Friends Wedding

One of my best friends got married in March. I wrote a post about it then: Wedding Bells for a Bestie
She sent us the link to the story board and all the pictures. The photographers are Blue Window Creative and heres the link to the AMAZING story board: Cathleen and Tyler's Wedding.
Then this week Grey Loves Weddings featured their wedding on her blog: Donut Soup Weds Indie Style. Its another great story board. I am blown away by the pictures. They are absolutely gorgeous. Only thing I'm bummed about is theres not a single picture of Raya! Dang it. Her dress was so amazing, so I was excited to see how it photographed. Good thing I took some :) There is one that I LOVE LOVE LOVE. Its the back of Raya and in black and white....she's walking to Cathleen and Tyler and I'm in the background. I think its just perfect. Very symbolic of the day and how Cathleen and I both thought all weekend how crazy it was that MY daughter was in HER wedding. Ahhh, life.

And one of Us
Cathleen: "I really am pretty, huh?"
Me: "You are, and I did a really good job on your makeup."

HAHA. Not sure what we're really saying, but this could easily be it. LOL!!!
Also, the story about Cathleen's dress is one of the best ever wedding dress stories. She talks about it on the Grey Loves Wedding post.

And here's a couple of me doing her makeup. They're not good quality because I took a picture of the picture while it was up on my computer screen :)

Cathleen was seriously a stunning bride. And everything was just perfect! I was honored to be a part of such a special day for such a special friend.

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