Wednesday, August 31, 2011

CRACKle Nail Polish and some other things I'm l♥ving

 I think I've only done one What I'm Loving Wednesday...but I've been obsessed with Crackle Nail Polish the last few weeks and so many people notice it and ask about it that I thought I'd share! So today I'm linking up with Jamie at This Kind of Love for:

I'm lving Crackle Nail Polish. This first picture is my favorite combo. Its gold polish with black crackle on top. It looks leopard printish. Which I Love!!!

There's a couple of different brands of crackle polish. One of my friends uses the Sally Hansen brand, which I've yet to find. I got both my crackles off Amazon. I do know you can also get them at Ulta. You paint your nails with a base coat. You have to have a base coat for it to work. When the base is totally dry you can paint the crackle on. It goes on just like regular polish but with 5-10 seconds it starts to dry and crack. The black looks a little dusty and the pink looks a little dull, but once you put a clear coat over it you're good to go. If you notice in my leopard printish polish my 2 middle nails have big cracks and the 2 outside nails have thinner cracks...this is due to how much polish you use. The thicker the coat the bigger the cracks. I love the middle nails. The big cracks look really good and I feel like you can see the color under much better. So to do that you have to use a good amount of polish. It took me a couple manicures to get it down. You can only use one coat of it, and you cant go over the crackle. If you notice on the outside nails towards the base of my nail is looks like I missed spots. That because the brush touched polish I had already put down. So it works best to go from one side of the nail to the other in about 3 good strokes. And practice makes perfect :) 

I didn't notice a difference in the brands. The reviews on Amazon talk about Mia being cheap and not working well...I didn't have any problems with it. It worked great for me. As did the China Glaze in pink. And they're both the same price. Maybe a few pennys difference. 

I've being using my neon yellow/green a lot this summer so this is it with the black crackle over it. I hate feet pictures, sorry! But I didn't do this combo on my hands...

At first I really didn't like the pink. It was kinda a dull pink. Nothing really exciting about it. But over white is looks awesome! So far thats the only color combo I've really liked with the pink. I did the neon yellow under it and that looked pretty good too. I'll probably try black under it come fall.

I used this glitter polish because I was going to do the pink crackle over it, but after I finished with just the glitter I liked it too much to put the pink on top. This is some of my favorite glitter polish!!! Its by SinfulPolish. Its a super cheap brand I found at Target. I put in on Raya's toes and wasn't really impressed because it left like 5 pieces of glitter on each toe. But then I played around with it and figured out if I PILED it on my nails it would look like it does in the jar. Gahhh, I love glitter :)

Finally, I've been using the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear polish and really liking it. I HATE when my polish chips so I've tried a million different top coats that claim they last forever. Well, forever, not so much. But this one has worked the best. And its Sally Hansens cheap line. I'm pretty sure it was 99cents at Target. The Xtreme Wear is a whole line, so they make it in all kinds of colors too. I used the concrete grey with the top coat and got a good week out of it with no chipping. That's amazing!!! 

This is the neon yellow Raya and I have had on our toes almost all summer :)

I'm lving Instagram. This is such a great app! It's not new. I've had if for awhile, but it never gets old. If you're on, leave your Instagram name in the comments. I love following people!!! Here's some of my favorite Instagram pictures lately. Oh and my Instagram name is Kelseylatelyyy

I'm lving planning my Wedding. WAIT, WHAT?! Haha. No, there's no date set. But Pinterest is helping me plan it so when we DO set a date I'll have a plethora of ideas :) You know me, I'm always prepared. 

Instead of Kallen being a ring bearer he's going to carry this

I'm pretty sure all my bridesmaids will wear something different but that coordinates. I think this looks fun for a more casual wedding. 

Haha! We HAVE to have this. But hopefully they can personalize it cause I'm not redheaded and Gentry's not white ;) 

We always change our "color scheme," but I'm liking this colors alot right now!!! I think I'd need a pop of bright color to go with it though. Maybe a brighter teal...

Happy Hump Day!!!


  1. those are great loves! I'm not engaged but I'm still planning mine!! haha I've been with my other half for 9 years so I may need to get that "FINALLY" sign done too! LOL

    Sweet N Sassy Girls

  2. I love both of those wedding signs. So cute!

    Happy Wednesday!

  3. Kallen will look so handsome walking down the aisle and love the idea! Your wedding will be beautiful!

    Mrs. Mommy

  4. Great wedding ideas! Cute WILW!

  5. THe "finally" sign is so cool!!!!