Monday, August 22, 2011

Raya Recently- 28 Months

Ms. Raya,
You are exactly 2.4 months :) I haven't done a monthly post on you since your 2 year post. Why? Not too sure. Mainly because your milestones are more mental and I could write a ton of posts on all the new words and phrases you say but you'd be so annoyed when you were older and reading this. Soooo, needless to say, your vocabulary is great. You say all kinds of words and phrases. I would say you're a "talker" and if someone asked "Does she know how to talk" (which is usually someone without kids ;) I'd say that you do. You can absolutely communicate with people. Sometimes I serve as your translator because not everyone can understand all of your words. Lol. But you can tell me what you want, what you want to do, ask about people, talk to the baby. You do it all. Right now some of your favorite phrases or things to say:

"What are you doin?" You ask me this all day long. And even when I answer you, you continue to ask me.  Annoying? Only slightly, like after the 100th time. Adorable? Absolutely! When you come downstairs after you wake up from your nap and say "Mama, what ya doin?" Its the CUTEST thing ever!

"Where's (insert any and everyone you know's name)" Another question you ask all day. But its like a whole conversation. You ask me where everyone is. "Wheres daddy? Wheres mama? Wheres baby? Wheres Raya? Wheres Nana?" And it goes on and on. And if you've been around other people, like when my Dad was visiting or when we were at the beach with Bryce and Tara you will ask me where they are every 5 minutes. And sometimes you like to be funny about it and ask me "Wheres mama" and then smile like you just told the best joke. HAHA. You are mostly concerned about Daddy and the baby. You always want to know where they are. You also ask me where the baby is and then go "Oh! There he is!" And laugh :)

My FAVORITE thing you do right now: When I put on "real" clothes, like other than my pjs or yoga pants, you say "Ohhhhh, cuuuuute" I know its cause I say that to you every time I get you dressed. But it is so sweet when you say it to me!

You are an exceptional big sister. If you ever bump Kallen or make him cry you kiss him and say "All better" (also another one of my favorite things you say ;) You play with him so well. If he starts crying you put his pacifier back in his mouth. And even better, if he starts crying and the only pacifier around is the one in your mouth you take it out and give it to him. I'm sure you'll both love when I tell that story 15 years from now.

You're still incredibly active and incredibly coordinated. You run SOOO fast. You are a great jumper. You "swim" really well. You do not swim by yourself yet. I tie a noodle around you and you swim all over the pool. You loved swim lessons. You will jump off the edge and go underwater if I'm holding your hands. You could spend the entire day in the pool. You also had a great time playing in the ocean and got pretty brave going out by yourself. And by that I mean you'd walk out to about your butt.

Your stats: You weigh about 31pounds. You are 36.5inches tall-still in the 95% for your age. You were a size 8 shoe!!! Holy cow. And you're just about out of those, so a size 9 is just around the corner. Fyi-Your 5 year old cousin wears a 9. You're in a lot of 2T clothes. The pants fit fine, some are a little short. You definitely need 3T shirts from now on. You're in a size 4 diaper-same size as Kallen. lol. I'm ready for you to be potty trained, but you have other plans. So whenever you're ready lets do it! My doc said you'll decided when it happens and clearly you will.

Ok, now that I've done this update I really need to get back to doing it monthly. Because they are gonna be just too dang long. So until next month...

You are my other half. You are the absolute sweetest. You hug on me and give me kisses and are a little bit like my shadow-which I LOVE. You love to get your nails painted, and that makes my day. Some of my favorite parts of the day are sitting with you outside in the sun or cuddled up in the big chair. I smile just thinking about you and feel so lucky to have such a sweet girl that loves me like you do. You are so much fun and life with you is simply perfect.
I love you!


  1. Kelsey...what a lovely and loving post. your words and heartfelt thoughts remind me so much of your mom and the unbridled love she always expressed for you and wonderful that you are now experiencing and enjoying such unconditional love in your life. <3 to you

  2. So cute! I love that she compliments your clothes LOL :-)


  3. she is adorable. wearing the rainboots reminds me of Kaylee cause she is always wearing her's. love the one of Raya in the target cart, LOL

    Sweet N Sassy Girls