Sunday, September 4, 2011

Keeping Up With Kallen--- 8 Months Old!!!

Kallen was 8 months old yesterday, Sept 3rd, 2011. This kid has kicked into full speed in the growing department. STOP IT!!! Its really fun getting glimpses of his personality and watching him get stronger and more active, but it still breaks my heart knowing the window of "Baby" is slowing closing. And because he's most likely my last baby I think its even harder. Last night I was holding him while he slept in my arms and thinking about how in a year in a half he'll be Raya's age and he wouldn't be my small little cuddle bug sleeping in my arms. That KILLS me.
But anyways, back to my boy.

 He's crawling and pulling up on everything. I was pretty sure there was no way he was going to walk at 9 months, or be even close to it at 9 months, but this week I changed my mind. He'll pull himself up on the couch and let go for a split second and then grab it. He can by no means stand without support, but for a split second he can let go and hold on again without I might end up having 2 early walkers. I still don't think it'll be in his 9th month, but there's a good chance it will be close. And he's probably going to be cruising the furniture in the next week or so.

He weighs 22lbs. I'm not sure how long he is. Probably at least 29 inches. He's still in the 95percentile for weight and I think 65-75percentile for height. His 2 bottom teeth are growing in. I don't see any other ones about to break through. He's in 12month clothes and size 4 diapers. I think he's in size 3 shoes. I'm not sure, I never put shoes on his sausage feet :)

He's eating baby food. I think he might be ready for tiny bits of real food. So far every time I've given him real food he's gagged. Even smashed up bananas. Lol. Last night I gave him really small pieces of macaroni and cheese and he LOVED it. He was smacking and licking his lips. It was so cute. And no gagging!

 In the last week he's gotten a little feisty with me. I'm so use to this cool and calm kid so the first time he did it it caught me off guard. When I take something away from you that he's really loving- usually a wrapper from Raya's fruit snacks- he gets so mad! And cries the maddest cry. Instantly. Its clearly a pissed off cry. And it sounds like he's "yelling" at me. Its so funny to see the little bits and pieces of his growing personality. I wonder what else he has in store for me.

He started off his 8th month in his Razorback Red. I was thinking it was his first Razorback game but ACTUALLY the day we got home from the hospital with him they were playing in the Sugar Bowl. It was a diapointing game, so this weekend's season opener was a much better one to be alert for ;) We didn't get to watch it because it wasn't televised, but he dressed up for it!

And whats the most important thing to learn when you turn 8 months? How to Call Those HOGSSSS!!!!

And he waves! He did it for the first time to the cute girl checking us out at Costco. I'm sure Daddy's proud ;) And then he waved when the babysitters came over (Bryce, Tara and Grandma) And then to my Dad when he got in town. Its really the cutest wave ever, just saying.

You are the most beautiful baby boy. I seriously look at you all day long and think "how are you so cute?!!?" You really are gorgeous.  You are so easy and so fun and soooo sweet. Almost every time you look at me you smile and your eyes tell me all I need to know: That you love me as much as I love you and you truly are a Mama's boy. When you have a baby everyone talks about loving this new thing like you've never loved anything before. I don't remember anyone telling me that this new thing would love me like I'd never been loved before. You complete me in a way I never knew I needed to be. I'm so thankful for you and so lucky to have such a sweet baby boy. Just stop growing so fast! I love you.


  1. he is to cute. he sounds like he's doing great and growing like a weed. Our babies are growing up so fast! Keira just turned 9 months on Aug. 29th. I need to start getting things together for her birthday, although I don't want to think about her being a year old already.

    Sweet N Sassy Girls

  2. He is so cute and smiley! Kyla will be 8 months on the 9th and I can't believe how fast she's growing up. I'm writing a post about her birth story since I wasn't blogging in January and it seems like it was just yesterday!

    Mrs. Mommy

  3. Happy 8 months Kallen!


  4. Hey, that sweater of Raya's is from baby Gap--the "himalaya" line. I bought it on ebay last spring for her 2 year pictures :-) They start out very expensive but I was so in love with it that I stalked ebay until I found one for only $12!