Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer is HERE! Again

Had our 1st Official Beach Day of the Summer. My brother, his girlfriend, Tara, and my Mom all came and met us for the afternoon. We went to Seal Beach, which is the beach I grew up going to when we lived in Claremont. Now Seal Beach is a 10 minute drive from my house. CRAZY how life works :) This is the 1st summer Raya REALLY enjoys the beach. Her first summer she was brand new, last summer she was still in that I'm Probably Going to Eat the Sand age, so this summer shes all about the sand toys and playing in the water. She still hasn't officially out grown the Eating Sand Age. Whuck?! Yah, occasionally she'll lick the sand. Awesome. But all in all she's at a great age for the beach. Except when she starts sprinting down the stand and I have to chase her. In my bathing suit. No bueno ;)

Isn't that the cutest swim suit?! Its from my friend Megan. 

Kallen spent most of the day napping in my lap or with Tara. The hard life. 

Love me some Instagram and Hipstamatic :)

Fun times with Uncle B 

I guess her first lesson with her Uncle taught her all she needed to know. 

Beach Stroll with Nana

Kallen woke up when the sun came out. And was all smiles :) I love that little tongue!

California Girls

Who knows where we'll be years from now....but living by the beach and watching these babies grow up as beach bums will be one of my favorite things about this little life of ours.

And Last Year at This Time: I was kicking off Summer! Apparently I can't wait for summer ;)

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