Thursday, July 1, 2010

By Land or By Sea

Took Raya to the park yesterday. She was quite excited to be there. Sometimes taking her to the park is easier than letting her wander the backyard because, no matter what I do or say, she LOVES putting all the rocks in her mouth. Seriously, I've tried everything. And of course now its a game because she knows as soon as she pops a rock in her mouth I'm coming after her. She loves being chased, so there's the game. Wonderful.

She has a mouth full of teeth!!! 14 teeth at 14 months

I think she looks like a little girl here. Not so much like a baby anymore. Sweet picture :)

The parks by me are on the beach and so far if she's at the park she's not really interested in the beach part. But this park trip quickly turned into a beach trip. Of course I didn't bring a bathing suit...or a towel...or a change of clothes because I didn't plan on having a wet baby, but we made due.

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