Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Raya Recently

She's got a fake cry now, which is so cute and so funny. This is her pouty face. I'm trying to make her laugh here. Can you tell she's trying so hard to not laugh?

New Zebra Tutu! This is from my friend Krissi and her son Jordon. Jordon is 2 and we joke about them dating in the future. He's adorable and they'd make the cutest modeling couple. Raya's holding the picture of Jordon that Krissi sent with the Tutu and is about to put it in her trunk. I told Gentry I was going to frame it and put it in Raya's room. He was not impressed and didn't think it was funny at all. LOL! Like he got really mad at me for even thinking about it. Matter of fact he told me it was so inappropriate and he would absolutely not allow it and couldn't believe I wanted to do it. Oh gosh, I'm still dying over this conversation. This is why I wish our life was a reality show so that the camera man could have video taped this whole conversation and I could have it forever to watch over and over. Good times :)

We went to watch an MLS Soccer game this weekend. It was just us in the box. It was a nice little family outing. Raya really liked watching everything. And being in a box makes life so much easier! But why does my head look so ginormous in this picture?

HAHA! She is such a silly girl. I love her face here. It says it all.

Just a little Monday afternoon photo shoot. I love baby halter tops. I was taking these to send to Olivia and got some good ones of Raya. 


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  2. So I've been debating creating a gmail account and then when I realized I couldn't comment on your blog unless I had one; I did it! haha