Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pack, Pack, Pack it Up

Yep, we're moving! Next week at this time I'll be blogging from my new living room...or bedroom...or backyard...where ever Raya decides to set up shop ;) We're just moving down the street to Huntington...but to my Mom it might as well be another state. We tried to find a place in Long Beach but for a town that prides itself on being a dog loving city every place we found didn't allow them! C'mon Long Beach! You have a Halloween costume parade strictly for dogs. So Huntington it was. I'm sure its times like these my Mom wishes she drank so she could drink away her sorrows. As much as she's going to miss our dogs and Gentry and I, I know its her BFF Raya that she's truly going to miss. As cozy as its been living in one bedroom with 2 adults, 1 baby and 2 dogs, I'm very thankful that Raya could spend her first year with Nana right there. But I did mention that we're moving just to the next beach? Mapquest says 13.8 miles from her front door to ours. Nana and Raya, it'll be ok.

So many of my things have been in storage for over a year so I'm excited to go shopping in my storage unit. I forget what I have in there! It'll be like an early and Free Christmas (No Gentry, that doesn't mean you don't have to get me anything come December.) I think I'm most excited about setting up Raya's room. We moved a month after she was born so I never got to do any kind of decorating or "nesting." I can't wait to pick out a theme and decorations and furniture. Fun, Fun, Fun! I need a good theme for a boy and girl room since they'll be sharing a room. (And by sharing I mean the new baby will probably sleep in our room for the first few months and we'll keep his clothes and toys in there) Ps- Dad, that means I need you to get your creative juices following and make a trip down here asap.

Moving while pregnant is a bit of a bummer because I can't really lift anything (did I say bummer because I totally meant advantage ;) But I've tried to box and organize as much as I can and I'm sure I'll be doing plenty of unpacking. Moving with a man Gentry's size is always amazing. When he picks up the entire loveseat by himself and carries it to the moving truck I'm reminded of how lucky I am (and why I'm not a lesbian.)  I remember moving with a 5 week old was pretty intense. We'll see how moving with a 16 month old compares. Speaking of which, anyone in the So Cal area that wants to hang out with a super easy, super fun and super cute 16 month old let me know. I have the perfect one!

We had a family meeting at our favorite place - Acapulco- to figure out our plan of attack for moving  and Raya discovered Salsa. This kid loves her some salsa!

Here's to a Labor Day Weekend of Laboring!

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