Tuesday, August 24, 2010

20 weeks and 16 months!

This week is the half way point. I'm 20 weeks along...only 20 more to go! Being pregnant goes by so much faster when you already have one baby. Yikes! I still haven't decided if that's a good thing or not. Last night he definitely had his first party in my tummy. So fun to feel him move. Gentry could've felt him if he had been a little more patient. He's a strong little boy, that's for sure. And as I sit here and type now I can feel him rockin and rollin.

I follow a couple other blogs and one of them is by a girl, Kelly, who has an 18 month old. Here's her blog: Kelly's Korner. Every month she makes a little post about her little girl's size, weight and what shes up to. I loved it. Especially as something to look back on. So here goes Raya's first one!

Raya turned 16 months on the 22nd. It's amazing how she'll be the "same" for a few days and then one day she'll be so much smarter than the day before. She still only says about 8 or 10 words, but that seems to be about average for her age. She knows where her nose, ears, eyes, and hair is. I can give her all kinds of directions and she knows just what to do. She also seems to have grown in the last few weeks. She seems to be getting taller. She wears a size 5.5 shoes, but since there's very few places that make 1/2 sizes for toddler shoes I've pulled out all her size 6 shoes. She can still wear her 5s if its a sandal. I think she has big feet for her age group. She's currently in the 90% for height and 50% for weight. I'm guessing she's about 32 in. and at least 22lbs. She still fits into almost all of her 12month clothes. She can fit into her 18month dresses and leggings because she's long, but all the 18month shorts and skirts are still too big. I'm crossing my fingers that she'll be able to fit into a lot of the summer stuff I have for her this summer next summer. A couple of my girlfriends mentioned that they're 2yr olds can fit some of their 18month clothes, so if that's the case that will be perfect!

Her Dad is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan...so her Grandpas in Dallas picked this little cheer leading outfit up for her. Too cute! Perfect outfit for 16 months!

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