Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Portrait Session

First a little history: We have this dress from some friends of my Great-Grandmother. Its a sweet little white dress with pink flowers and pink detailing. It was a gift from Italy to my Great-Grandma for my Mom. We have a picture of my Mom in the dress when she was little and a picture of me in the dress around the same age. Today was the day I took Raya to get her picture in it. Just about all of my professional photos of Raya have been done by my friend/brother's girlfriend, Tara (Here's her website)- and I should've had her do this, but I figured it would be easier to take Raya to a studio because I needed the picture to match the ones of myself and my Mom that are clearly in a studio. I had some coupons for a Target portrait session, which has no sitting fee, so I figured I could take Raya there and get the smallest package because I just need that one picture.
This is my Mom in the dress- she's probably about 11 months old

This is me in the dress- I'm probably about 15 months old

Now to today's Events: So I book Raya's portrait session yesterday. The dress had been dry cleaned, I had perfect socks and I knew the shoes I needed were at Target so I'd just get those when we were there. Then this morning I think, oh, well since we're already going to be there I'll take 2 more outfits that are adorable and from her other Grandparents and see if she (Raya) will let us get a couple outfit changes in. When we get to Target I get her all dressed in her first outfit- and the only outfit that I really needed a picture in. It was ridiculously cute when she had it on. I was so excited. For this picture I needed her to sit at an angle and just smile. The simplest of all poses. Haha, yah right. Raya DID NOT want to sit. She didn't want to run away, she just didn't want to sit. We tried so many different things. Uh! I wasn't going to get her in the same position as my Mom and I were in our pictures. So, I gave up on that one because I still had 2 more outfits to get to :)

These are the only 3 cute ones I got in the dress. I don't think any of them look like what I need :( but they're still cute and I ordered a few.

Skip to the end: The session was a bit of a waste. She didn't want to do anything. For about the first 3 minutes she liked the girl taking the pictures and then for the next 25 she was freaked out by her. However, I still ended up with 5 or 6 pictures I just had to buy ;)

This is in the outfit from Gentry's Parents

This is my FAVORITE!

This is the outfit from my Dad and Alan

All ready for her interview ;)

So I guess we'll try again...Tara, if you're reading this I'm gonna need to make a date with you and your back drop :) So annoyed with myself that I still bought $60 worth of pictures, none of which are ones I actually really needed. But then again, how can you not buy pictures when they're so freakin cute?!

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  1. So cute but I agree we can retake these for sure when I get back! It's been a while since I shot my favorite model, thanks for the shout out!