Monday, August 16, 2010

Raya Recently

So this last week seems like Raya's grown so much! She's all of a sudden a lot smarter than last week. It's like another little light in her brain went off :) She "talks" so much now- and by "talk" I mean she's still speaking her own language, but she points and says things and I'm suppose to know what she means. She still only has about 10 words, but I feel like any week now she's going to be spitting out all kinds of new words. I can talk to her and ask her to do things, or get something and she knows exactly what to do. These last few weeks have been so much fun! She's just showing more and more of her personality and never fails to brighten my day. I'm a lucky girl! She's also hilarious. I know in some of the pictures it comes through, but seriously, this kid is a riot. Pure entertainment.

She learned "Ready, Set, Go" This is her "Set." Just preparing her in case she wants to run track

Nice form! 

This little dress was a birthday present from my good friend Olivia. It has a wiener dog on the side. Its so cute!!! And I love the tie straps.

This tutu is also from Olivia. She made it! She's so crafty :)

Her Nike Ad ;)

Nothing sweeter than this face.
And clearly it was a week of pink. I promise I don't always dress her in pink. She's wearing green today! 

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