Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Life Support is Re-connected

And by life support I mean Internet and Cable. Wow! 2 whole weeks. I made it. Thanks to my trusty iPhone I wasn't totally living in a cave, but still! I watched Raya's fav movie, "Elmo in Grouchland," at least 4 times a day. Times that by 15 days and, well, lets just say I know all the songs by heart.  Embarrassing. Numerous times I found myself searching for a new Elmo movie simply because I wanted a new one to watch. WHAT? This is Raya watching the movie. She's clearly concerned about Elmo's well-being.

And he's OK!

Anyways...we're all moved in. The unpacking process is movin along. Slowly, but surely. Raya has been soooo easy throughout the whole move, but I really can only leave her unattended for so long, so I don't get much done when Gentry's at work. She's had some dates with Nana which are amazingly helpful, so I know by the end of the month we'll be all settled in :)
This is what happens when we get too caught up unpacking...
Still totally into Elmo's adventure. Guess that's multitasking?!

I'm now 23 weeks pregnant and feeling good! Moving was exhausting, as expected, but Gentry made sure I didn't work too hard. And I totally didn't :) I did what I could, but by 10pm I was READY for BED! Gentry stayed up till like 4 every morning putting stuff away or setting things up...I'm a lucky girl. Looking forward to being all done!

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