Sunday, August 8, 2010

August, You snuck up on me!

I feel like it was just June...geez! Don't have much planned for this month, but keeping our fingers crossed we'll be moving into our new apartment! It's been quite a search for a place to live. So annoying, and tiring, and frustrating...and we finally found a place and they've taken over a week to process our paper work and applications. I'm hoping we'll get a call sometime this week letting us know everything is finished and we can move in!!!! C'mon already :)

When we were out on our walk today I saw a little boy running on the beach and it made me so excited! I haven't really been super excited that much, only because I keep so busy and don't have much time to think about being pregnant, but every once in awhile I'll see something or think of having a newborn and I can't wait!!!

I got to spend the day at the beach with one of my dear friends, Stephanie. We've been good friends since junior high and I visited her and her family at their beach house on Thursday. It was so great to talk and catch up! She has a 3yr old girl and 10 month old boy so it was fun to be around them and talk to her about having one of each. She gets me excited :) Unfortunately I have no pictures! I did almost break my toe on the way over. Tripped over the curb caring Raya and stumbled, but I didn't drop the baby! I figured it wasn't broken a day later because I could still walk, but it hurt like a motha!

So here's some pictures to kick off August!
Just hanging out in the backyard! 15 months old <3

She never did pacifiers, but for some reason she loves this one. It makes me laugh every time.

She loves being in the dog cage. Every time I turn around I'm trying to keep it locked because if I don't someone will make themselves very comfortable in there...

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