Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July all Weekend

We had a long weekend. It was nice! Started out with a little water time in the backyard. I got Raya this little lily pad that sprays water up. I thought she'd LOVE it. She liked it...maybe she'll LOVE it soon :) But she was entertained by it for a good 20 minutes. And 20 minutes is all I need for pictures that i LOVE. So it was a win win ;) This little Lady Bug suit it one of my Favs. I got it at Babies-R-Us. I try to stay out of there cause its just like Target to me- I go in for something I need, like diapers, and leave with 6 new outfits for Raya. However, when I put her in the outfits I never have buyers remorse!

Saturday I took Raya to Cathleen's Engagement Party at her Parent's House. It was a great Saturday afternoon! Loved seeing some of my friend's parents that have know me since I was in the 6th grade...and even more fun to bring Raya to meet them. The Celaya's have a pool...but they also have a small pond. It was only a matter of time before Raya was getting into one of them (did I mention this kid loves water?), so really I made the decision based on which body of water would allow me to sit and chat and let her the pond it was! Awesome party etiquette. LOL.

This was before the pond...just eating some limes and working on her tan ;)

The Pond

Love her Face :)
Pretty Girls <3

The 4th of July was cool this year! Very sunny, but breezy. We went on a bike ride down to the beach. Bar-B-Qued some burgers at home. Then headed to the Firework Show. I had debated on taking Raya, and really it wasn't until the night before that I decided to take her. My Aunt Lois told me about how the Queen Mary has a firework show that you can see from the beach. This was perfect! We went down about 30 minutes before for the show, found a place to sit, and could see the show great- with no sound! Thats what I figured would freak Raya out, and I was right. Every once in awhile the law-breakers at the beach would shoot off some Illegal fireworks that made her jump...uhhh! But all in all it was good. She watched the whole show.
I took a bunch of pictures over the weekend (surprise, surprise), but only posted a few of my can see all of them here: 4th of July Album

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  1. ahhh!! hahaha LOVE THAT VID...gosh, no one loves water more than that little lady. SO HAPPY you both made it!