Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sibling Love- June 2011

Whats with my once-a-week posts?! I hate it when that happens. Everyone's doing good here! Just running out of hours in the day. But the weather has been PERFECT and its clearly Summer! My favorite!!!

So Keeping Up with Kallen...
He's such a sweet boy. Right now he's extremely calm. Likes to watch whats going on around him. Will melt to your body. And if he's full and tired it literally takes 2 seconds of cuddling him and he's out like a light. However, he almost immediately wakes up when I put him in his crib. Uh! Raya never had a crib. She slept with us. But I really want him to sleep in his crib. Right now he'll only stay asleep in my bed. And I can't blame him. A hard baby mattress with just a sheet is not nearly as comfortable as a bed with a pillow top mattress and super soft sheets :) For my college graduation I asked for my parent's to Pimp out my Bed. I'm thinking he may ask for the same. He's just so dang cute and such a love bug! I kiss him all day long.

We have a sitter! Kinda. He leans forward and uses his arms,
but he's really good at it. He sits for awhile!
Such a sweet, sweet boy <3
His first taste of food: Sweet Potatoes!
We also tried rice cereal. He's not really into either...

Mama's Boy

He is so content in this. He'll sit outside in this and watch Raya or me.
He could probably be in it all day

And Raya Recently...
I really think Raya's going to be a class clown. She's really funny, a bit of a show off and loves to make people laugh. Right now she'll put her finger against her head and say "Think, Think, Think." Or pretend like she has a huge sneeze coming, "Ahhh, Ahhh, Ahhh, Chuuu!" Watching her grow up breaks my heart just a little, but its one of the most amazing things! Its always something new and makes me so excited about what I have in store with her :) And then I meet people that say "Oh wow, she's so pretty, you're going to have to beat the boys off of her." And Gentry says "Beat? I'll just shoot them" :) So here's to growing up and praying Gentry stays out of jail ;)

This picture has Summer written all over it! 

I told her to get something out of the fridge for lunch,
this is what she came back with. She's clearly my daughter.
I'd wear this outfit ;)

And a little Sibling Love:
In the 30 seconds it took me to upload a picture of my dog on 
facebook, Raya climbed up on his tray. 
Me: "Raya, what are you doing?!"
Raya: "Whhhhhhat?"
Playing with her toes while napping! LOL

Raya's face in this one cracks me up. It's a TOTAL smile of "I'm about to do something that I shouldn't, but its probably going to be funny." 

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  1. your babies are so adorable! Raya is always dressed so cute!