Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Raya Recently- 2 YEARS OLD!

I hate when I go over a week without posting! And I wish I could say, "Oh we've been on vacation," "Or I was working on world peace." Something exciting ;) But really I've been stalking Craigslist and doing laundry. LOTS of laundry. I HATE laundry. But I have been bitten by the DIY bug. (DIY= Do it Yourself, FYI) I've come across a bunch of DIY projects online that are so impressive and seem so simple, so my first project will be Kallen's dresser. I got one off craiglist and I'm going to ReDo it! I'm SO excited :) Now every piece of furniture in my house looks like a project. LOL. I'm like "Hmm, what could I do to our nightstands, or our coffee table, or..." Anyways. I also sold our couches on craigslist because I found a great deal on a sectional. Wellll, after a few emails with the people they completely stopped responding. So I couldn't sell my couches. Well, actually I could. I asked Gentry how long he could sit on lawn furniture if thats what we had in our living room, and on a scale of 1-10, how mad would he be if I sold the couch and lawn furniture was our only option for a couple days (or weeks). He didn't even answer the question. But I still wasn't really worried about it because I'd seen TONS of sectionals, all in our price range, and the majority were less than a year old. Well 25+ emails later NOT ONE PERSON responded to an email. I checked (and double check and triple checked) my spam folder because maybe they were all getting sent there. Nope. It took everything in me to keep from writing them all nasty emails about listing something and still having it listed and not responding at all. Seriously? 25?!?! So a week later we still have our couches. The lady that wants them still wants them. But I've yet to get a single response from someone selling their sectional.
Ok, my venting is over (can you tell I'm still annoyed ;)

Last week we did Raya's 2year pictures and they turned out FABULOUS! Man, I'm so excited about them. Tara took them, as usual. If you're in the OC or La area and need a photographer, seriously, look her up. The pictures are so great. And she's really good at editing too. You won't be disappointed. So here's some of my favorite!
We took these at the beach just down the street- Sunset Beach. Where Raya is standing in the first picture is exactly 1 mile from my front door ;)

I have a bunch more that I love, I have no idea how I'll pick which ones to frame.
Here's the link to Tara Allison Photography's Page and Raya's album : Raya: 2 year Session. "Like" her page while you're there. And seriously, get some pictures done with her already!

A few other Shout Outs:
The "2" shirt was done by one of my Blog Mom friends, Shawna. It matched the Tutu perfectly. I saw her daughter's 2yr pictures and the shirt and thought it was so cute and so what Raya needed! She has her own Raya who's also 2. Our Rayas are only a couple weeks apart. And Kallen and her 2nd daughter, Brielle are also a couple weeks apart :) Here Etsy shop is here: No Paparazzi Please. The shirt was great!! She does lots of personalized stuff and she's definietly priced way better than more people on there. Worth it for sure!

The Tutu, Bow and Crown Onesie were done by my facebook Friend Jam'e at Little Divas Bows N Bling. Aren't they amazing?! The colors were fantastic. Remember that modeling contest I entered Raya in and asked everyone to vote a million times. Lol? Well she won and this whole outfit is what Jam'e sent. It was just perfect. So some of the pictures from this photo shoot are being used over at Little Divas Bows N Bling. Check out her facebook page and "Like" it. She does all kinds of contests and actions. I have a couple other bows from her that are fabulous. I've seen tons of girls bows and tutus and shes easily the best at it. You get really quality items and her prices are so reasonable.

And the white and neon dress is from BabyGap for $4! I went in there randomly and it was on the clearance rack. Too perfect! Here's the link to my album on facebook. There's 100+ pictures, so only if you're bored ;) And they aren't the edited ones, but they're still cute! Raya's 2!
Ok, I have 2 more posts coming in the next 2 days, so stay tuned :)

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  1. Great pics! That gap dress is darling--you scored a great deal!! And I'm so glad the shirt worked. Looks like Raya rocked it out :-)

    ~Shawna www.nopaparazziplease.blogspot.com