Monday, June 6, 2011

Keeping Up With Kallen---5 Months Old!!!

Kallen was 5 months old on 6.3.11. Five months old is an amazing age. They start showing personality. Are more mobile. Stronger. Smile and laugh alot. Are very easy and happy babies that can't move yet :) That seems to be one of the best ages. Once they start moving its ALL OVER. He really is all smiles right now. He "talks" alot. I can definitely tell he's enjoying making nosies and hearing himself. He rolled over finally! I think big boys take longer to do things :) I'm sure he had to get more muscle strength to roll his body over. lol. He did it a few days before he was 5 months. I got it on video! I'll upload it.

My Tank

His the sweetest little guy. He's very snuggly. Right now he goes to sleep very easily with me. The first couple months he was much more comfortable on Gentry and if he was ever fussy or uncomfortable I'd give him to Gentry and he'd calm right down. This month he's been a bit of a mama's boy. But only when it comes to going to bed. And he literally melts into me when I get him. Maaaaan, that is so sweet. I'm amazed at how fast he falls asleep. I still spend plenty of time holding him while he sleeps. I know its only a few more months before he's too big and won't really be comfortable all snuggled up for his entire nap time, so I'm making sure to cuddle him while I can.

For me, the biggest thing with baby #2 is that this time around I know how fast they grow up, so I'm very aware of how little time I have when they're small enough to cuddle and hold on your chest and can't crawl away when I kiss on their little faces. So I'm very thankful for all the time I have with him each day and soak up every second of this baby phase. I'm still 50/50 about whether I want any more kids, so there's a good chance this is my last baby, so I gotta make it last! Which would be my advice to ANYONE with a baby. Hold and cuddle your baby AS MUCH AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN. You can't spoil a baby by holding them too much. I promise! Don't let them "cry it out" :( It'll just make you feel bad. And then 5 years from then you'll wish you had help them or let them sleep with you. Can you tell I already have anxiety about Kallen not being a baby? HAHA

Ok, back to my boy ;) So he's probably at least 19lbs. I'm guessing about 26.5inches long. You're still a great eater, obviously. You really don't nurse anymore, tear. I nursed Raya until she was 14months, and my goal with you was 7months. I just couldn't keep up with you! Nursing for you was like snacking. Never a full meal. So if you were really hungry and I tried to nurse you you'd cuss me out. Haha. But seriously, I got the hint.

These thick thighs!!! My favorite 
 I ran out of size 3 diapers for a few days and used Raya's size 4 and they worked GREAT for you. So yah, you and you're 2yr old sister wear the same size diapers. You're wearing 9month clothes and 12month clothes. 9months are actually a bit tight. They work for right now, but I bet by the end of this month you'll be too big. I'm wondering if you're going through a growth spurt because its 10am and you're still sound asleep. We'll see how the next few days go. 

Same Pants: Raya @11months, Kallen @5months.
Pant size= 9 months
You are very calm and easy going. We took you to a birthday party this weekend and you were passed from person to person and seemed to really enjoy it all. It was your first "Big Event." You've never been around a bunch of people and you did great! You weren't overwhelmed and didn't cry or freak out once. I'm wondering (and hoping and praying ;) that because I have one child that's EXTREMELY active, you might be the calm one? That would be awesome.

I'm absolutely loving every day with you! To say I feel like the luckiest Mom is an understatement. You really are my sweet boy. You're so loving and incredible. I'm just getting a sneak peek at your personality, so I'm excited to see what you have in store for me.

I love you!!


  1. Haha...I love it...he's a BIG BOY! That first pic is the best...he just needs a beer and the remote :-)


  2. he is a big boy, Keira is 27" but he seems so much bigger/longer than her. Keira is 6 months and wearing 6 month clothing.

    He is just to cute! And I agree I think baby #2 gets bigger so much faster than the first time around.