Thursday, June 23, 2011

Father's Day!

We had perfect Father's Day weather! I don't think that really matters to Gentry like it does to me :) We spent the day at home. I think Gentry organized the garage-but because he wanted to, not because i asked. Whatever floats your boat! Not much to post about, just some pictures, of course! 

This is my all time favorite picture of them. Look at how much hair Kallen has!
I think he was about 2 months old here.
Dressed up like GI Joe for Father's Day

Listening to Daddy

Playing on the iPad while Dad watches the game.

This is how Father's Day started...

And this is how Father's Day ended.

And some of my favorite Daddy-Kid pictures from the last few months:
                They're so mature. Gentry's birthday was last weekend. This was at his bday dinner.

While I shopped, Gentry entertained :)

Sunday Morning <3

YES! They have matching shoes. Daddy-Daughter Nike's. TOO CUTE


  1. great pictures
    Love the new blog design!

  2. What a sweet daddy! And such beautiful kiddos!

  3. seriously...those are the cutest pictures I've ever seen. The one of the matching shoes kills me. I just cant believe you have a family, its so special, and beautiful...I LOVE IT!! You're all perfect. xoxox

  4. Love all the pics!!

    A shutterfly book would be perfect for the alphabet pictures! :-)